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New Computer time

Posted in General with tags on Jul 10 2011 by Cynical Queer

Computers just don’t last.  At least this is the impression I get when I see what’s out there.

My present machine is four years old now, and it’s starting to get a lot of wear and tear on it.  The finish is wearing off the case, it’s continually getting bugs and running slow (in spite of my maintenance efforts) and overall it’s just not doing the job that I originally bought it for.

To use some jargon that is as old as the machine is, it’s so 2007.

So the question is, what do I get now?

I really like the Macbook Air, but I don’t like the fact it comes with only a 13.3-inch screen at the largest.  I look at it and can’t figure out how I would hook an external monitor, keyboard, etc. up to it.  I do like the fact that Macs do not have as many virus issues as PC’s.  I was an Apple guy back in the late 80’s/early 90’s up to the point that I moved to Wyoming to go to school.  Since then, I’ve been exclusively PC.

Another issue holding me back from buying the Macbook Air is that I own the full PC version of Microsoft Office.  The one that includes Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.  It’s my understanding that I would have to purchase new Office software for the Mac if I go that way.

The Macbook Air also has a relatively small storage capacity.  Though the 128 or 256 GB of storage that it has is much more than I have now, it’s just not that much in 2011 terms.  I do have a 1 TB external drive already, so perhaps I can attach that to hold files that I do not wish to carry around with me when I take the computer out of the house.

If I don’t go with a Macbook of some sort, I’ll have to go PC, which is much less expensive but bug prone.  Not sure where to go there.

Do any of you have good suggestions?