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Some people are just not happy

Posted in General with tags , , , on Jul 04 2011 by Cynical Queer

This is not him, but this is what his attitude was like.

I had a family member come up to me last night after I found help to get his father into bed and give me a bunch of attitude.  His dad needed help with what we call a transfer from a wheel chair to his bed, I had been on my feet for 8-hours straight, my back was nearly ready to spasm (which means lifting over 200 pounds of man was going to be dangerous), and this guy was upset because he wanted dad in bed so he could go home.

Here is what he came up and said to me with attitude:

“When I come ask for your help that means I want *YOU* to come down there and do it, dammit, so don’t pass me off to somebody else to do it…”

I was passing him off to the CNA whose job it is to do this for him.  It wasn’t as if I abandoned him and left him flailing in the wind.

Here is what I actually said in response:

“I can not change what has already happened but I can do better in the future…”

Here is what I wanted to say:

“Listen pin head, I’m not putting my license on the line simply because you want me to drop everything instantly to go put your father in bed so you can go home.  I’m working all holiday weekend, so I don’t get to spend time with my family because I’m taking care of yours.  Consider yourself lucky.  I also have a ton of medications and an injection sitting on top of this medication cart which I am unable to leave sitting here to go take care of moving your father due to state law.  The person I’m putting these medications together for needs them and that is more important than dropping everything and putting your father to bed because you want to go home right now.  Your dad shouldn’t even be here, his health is such that you and your family could take care of him at home, but you’ve decided to dump him here instead because you apparently can’t be bothered to care for him but want to pretend that you care.  So exercise a little patience, you prick, and give me a chance to get down there to help, you f-ing dick!”

But you can’t say those kinds of things no matter how mad you get at someone.  When your nurse to patient ratio is 33 to 1, somehow I’m guessing that the nurse dropping everything to put dad to bed simply because you’re done dealing with him and want to go home is going to be something less than a priority, especially if the nurse has taken the time out of their incredibly hectic second day by themselves on the floor to get the people responsible for helping into that room.

I hope the guy that gave me the attitude chokes on a pretzel.

His dad wasn’t even one of my assigned patients.



Lots to do

Posted in General with tags , , on Jun 28 2011 by Cynical Queer

I’ve been working for nearly two weeks now, mostly going through orientation.  That would explain my absence from blog world since life has been get up early, go to work, come home, pass out on the couch, get up, go to bed, repeat.

My biggest job surprise so far has been that what I thought was advertised as a part-time position is actually full-time, which means I should be getting benefits with the job.  I have to get through the first 90-days, but after that I should have medical access again.  Even if it personally costs me what I’m paying now, I’m sure the coverage will be much better than the, “It’s only good if you get hit by a bus” coverage I have now.

I have tomorrow and the next day off.  I have to go up to my moms house and work on her bathroom a bit so that she can bring a tiling crew in.  I was almost to that point when I last worked on it two weeks ago.

Job Offer

Posted in General with tags on Jun 13 2011 by Cynical Queer

Today I received a job offer.  Pending a positive background check and a negative drug screening, I’ll start next week.

It will be nice to be doing something again after spending the past year and a half in school.

Bureaucracy – Nursing Edition

Posted in General with tags , on May 13 2011 by Cynical Queer

One of the things I’ve found happening now that I have a nursing license is that you get to deal with a huge amount of bureaucracy.  This time it has come in the form of trying to get my IV therapy and blood drawing certificate attached to my license.  While I can work without this certification, having it will make finding a job easier as most employers want you to have this certification.

Last week I received a call from the nursing board asking me all sorts of questions about how much time we spent in class, how long were our lunch breaks, etc.  What I found odd was that I was *not* being questioned about the course content itself.  I would think it more important that I learned what I am supposed to be doing instead of having the nursing board go over the time spent learning it with a fine toothed comb.

Since it takes a nuclear half-life for the nursing board to do anything, it had been several months since I took the course.  Put another way, I needed to find my notes and research the answers to his questions at the level of detail he was asking his questions, and I couldn’t provide them while he was on the phone.  The result: my certification was postponed because I couldn’t give him all the answers right off the top of my head.

Fast forward to yesterday.  I finally got all my notes together and called him, and he returned my call this morning.  He asked me the same questions again, and this time I was prepared and passed his “test” with flying colors.  He told me he is going to post the certification to my license and it should show up in the online verification system this weekend, or Monday night at the latest.

I must say I’m relieved.  This will help me get a much better job than I could otherwise obtain.

What had me concerned is this guy was certifying other students that took the same course, at the same time, I did.  I was lining up my plan of action which was going to be first talking to him like I did, then bringing up the obvious that you can’t apply the law unevenly by letting some of my classmates be certified when I was there the same amount of time they were, then taking it to his supervisor, and if that didn’t work getting my state representative involved since the law wasn’t being applied evenly.

Fortunately I will not have to do anything more than the first step, but I was preparing just in case.

I need to get accustomed to bureaucracy though, nurses have to put up with a lot of it.  I have a feeling I’m going to be doing a lot of “just in case” type of preparations.


Posted in General with tags , , on Mar 31 2011 by Cynical Queer

Gee.  I never would have thought in a million years that both my father and grandfather would end up in hospice on the same day.  😦

Can I Haz Nuw Familee?

Posted in General with tags , , , on Mar 27 2011 by Cynical Queer

Can I please have a new family?  I’ve noticed in the month or so I’ve been licensed as a nurse that suddenly I’m the go to guy for everything.

My mother comes to me because of the nutty stuff my grandfather does.  In the last month he has come at me with a knife, tried to punch my mother, and socked my older brother in the jaw.  All because he felt like he wasn’t getting his way with something.

Now I have my stepmother coming at me with my fathers nuttiness.  Seems dad has an ammonia imbalance and it’s causing him to be wacko.  He’s being incredibly difficult to the people working with him in the nursing home (he’s tried to escape several times, so to speak), and now he’s back in the hospital because he’s too much for the nursing home staff to handle.

He’s also hallucinating.  He told me that the reason he wanted out of the nursing home is because people were in his room having sex in front of him, and because his roommate was standing at the top of the bed waving a black flag with a white dot that had a red dog on it.


Now that I’m licensed my dad also wants me to come back to Illinois to be his caregiver.  Well, as much as I care, I need a job that pays!   I also couldn’t go back there right now if I wanted to because of the US District Court jury thing I have going on right now.

Moving to the south of France and not leaving a forwarding address is looking like an attractive option.

Pavement Pounding II

Posted in General with tags , on Mar 26 2011 by Cynical Queer

I was out pounding the pavement again today.

My day started out with a job interview (per diem) and ended picking up an application at one of the two places in town I had not visited yet.  So I’ll have all the nursing homes covered, probably on Monday.  The next step will be clinics and hospitals, and finally *gasp* the school system.  I may also try the department of corrections, but we’ll have to take a wait and see on that.  In California, the prisoners can ruin any career in a hurry, so I’m a bit apprehensive about going there.

Hopefully I’ll have a flurry of interviews for the new career path soon.  My application count thus far is 12, and I have about another 12 to go before I move on to the clinics.