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Some people are just not happy

Posted in General with tags , , , on Jul 04 2011 by Cynical Queer

This is not him, but this is what his attitude was like.

I had a family member come up to me last night after I found help to get his father into bed and give me a bunch of attitude.  His dad needed help with what we call a transfer from a wheel chair to his bed, I had been on my feet for 8-hours straight, my back was nearly ready to spasm (which means lifting over 200 pounds of man was going to be dangerous), and this guy was upset because he wanted dad in bed so he could go home.

Here is what he came up and said to me with attitude:

“When I come ask for your help that means I want *YOU* to come down there and do it, dammit, so don’t pass me off to somebody else to do it…”

I was passing him off to the CNA whose job it is to do this for him.  It wasn’t as if I abandoned him and left him flailing in the wind.

Here is what I actually said in response:

“I can not change what has already happened but I can do better in the future…”

Here is what I wanted to say:

“Listen pin head, I’m not putting my license on the line simply because you want me to drop everything instantly to go put your father in bed so you can go home.  I’m working all holiday weekend, so I don’t get to spend time with my family because I’m taking care of yours.  Consider yourself lucky.  I also have a ton of medications and an injection sitting on top of this medication cart which I am unable to leave sitting here to go take care of moving your father due to state law.  The person I’m putting these medications together for needs them and that is more important than dropping everything and putting your father to bed because you want to go home right now.  Your dad shouldn’t even be here, his health is such that you and your family could take care of him at home, but you’ve decided to dump him here instead because you apparently can’t be bothered to care for him but want to pretend that you care.  So exercise a little patience, you prick, and give me a chance to get down there to help, you f-ing dick!”

But you can’t say those kinds of things no matter how mad you get at someone.  When your nurse to patient ratio is 33 to 1, somehow I’m guessing that the nurse dropping everything to put dad to bed simply because you’re done dealing with him and want to go home is going to be something less than a priority, especially if the nurse has taken the time out of their incredibly hectic second day by themselves on the floor to get the people responsible for helping into that room.

I hope the guy that gave me the attitude chokes on a pretzel.

His dad wasn’t even one of my assigned patients.



“If that is what the voters wanted…”

Posted in General with tags , , , on Aug 06 2010 by Cynical Queer

“…then that is what should stand and a judge shouldn’t be able to overturn it.”  This is in reference to the recent US District Court decision overturning California’s Proposition 8.

Was this said by a conservative religious white man?


A lower middle class black woman?


I guess this woman has never heard of Brown vs. the Board of Education, Loving vs. Virginia, or the 14th amendment (which the two court case decisions mentioned were based on), among many examples of things that gave her and her class of people civil rights equal to the rest of the citizenry of the US.

I seem to remember that Loving vs. Virginia came about because a state (Virginia) purposely put in place a law that said certain classes of people could not inter-marry with other classes.  Brown vs. the Board of Education came about because the Topeka, KS public schools decided that separate schools (institutions) were equal because they gave the “same” education, which sounds like a similar argument used by those who argue that civil unions are enough for gay people and that marriage should be reserved for the heterosexual portion of the population.

Regarding the black woman above…  I guess once her group got their civil rights, the door closed and us uppity faggots now need to shut the fu*k up and sit in the back of the bus.

Well lady, this uppity faggot isn’t going to sit in the back of the bus.

Knock-knock… Who is it?

Posted in General with tags , on Jul 02 2010 by Cynical Queer

Our fence backs to a former rail line but this isn't it.

Answer: The police.

Tonight the police came knocking on our door.   Apparently some suspect they were chasing decided it would be good to run through the abandoned rail line behind the house and then jump a fence into one of the adjacent yards, on our side of the right-of-way.

So off to get a key and let the police into the back yard I went.

They didn’t find the person they were looking for in our yard.

Dear criminals:

If you’re going to run from the cops and you try to hide in my yard, don’t be surprised if I let them in.  If they shoot you, I won’t feel sorry for you.  Instead I will only hope they clean up the blood after they cart you off to either the hosptial or the morgue.



Like a Fork in an Electric Outlet

Posted in General with tags , , on Jun 17 2010 by Cynical Queer

I was reading my hometown newspaper tonight when I wandered upon an article about some mental giant that thought it would be a great idea to drive a big rig with 44,000 pounds of steel on it over Sonora Pass, the second highest mountain pass in California, at 9,624 feet/2993 meters.

There is only one problem with this cunning plan to cut 120-miles off the drive from Utah to Fresno, CA and that is even though this is a marked state highway, it is very narrow and incredibly steep with a 26% grade in one spot.  That is a grade that is nearly as vertical as the steepest street in San Francisco, which is probably not a place one would want to drive a huge truck.

This had the expected result when the truck went over a cliff.

Unfortunately, Darwinism didn’t ensue.

The big red octagon = STOP

Posted in General with tags , on May 24 2010 by Cynical Queer

Dear fellow motorist,

The big red octagon mounted on a post at the corner of the intersection doesn’t mean, “roll right on through” it means STOP!

No wonder the front of your car is bashed in.  It’s probably not the first time you’ve done this.


Dear state of California,

Please stop giving out drivers licenses like prizes out of a box of Cracker Jacks.  Clearly, some people can’t handle the 2-tons of rapidly moving steel they are attempting to maneuver.



I think I’ve seen a “ghost”

Posted in General with tags , , on Apr 26 2010 by Cynical Queer

You think I might post more often, but I must either be very busy or just not really feeling the writing spirit.

Yesterday, I went over to visit some relatives that live near the big city and had an enjoyable time catching up.  I had last seen them all assembled together at the wedding this past August, and before that it was immediately after I returned from visiting TQE in Germany – A very blurry family visit at best because I had been up since 5:00 AM the same day in Germany, and didn’t get home until about 11:30 PM that night – at which point it was then 8:30 AM the following morning in Germany.

Have I confused you yet?

Today I went up to visit my folks.  My older brother has not been well in a medical sense as his blood pressure has been hovering at about 180/140 for 2-months now, and they can’t seem to get it lower.

This means I not only went up to visit, but also to perform much needed yard work.  The yard was absolutely filthy!  I am pleased to report that now that I’ve mowed 3 acres (really, I mowed 3 acres), used the leaf blower, and hauled away the cut-up branches from the tree  the top fell out of in the snow storm back in December, the yard is much more presentable, not to mention fire-resistant.  Those of you following the news know that California likes to spontaneously combust in the summer, so you can imagine how important this is.

Unfortunately while I was down by the road, the brother I have all but declared dead to me drove by.  OK, that’s fine, he can do that.   Half an hour later he drove by again, very slowly, then drove by again in the other direction 2-minutes later, again very slowly.  He had absolutely no legitimate business I can think of in the area that he would have made a return trip in 2-minutes.

I felt like I was being stalked.

I really hope I don’t have to go back to court so that the judge can teach him what the dismissal without prejudice I granted my brother last year is all about, not to mention I do not need the added stress of that in addition to going to school.

I’d like to think that this will be a ghost sighting and not turn into something more significant.  I give him this one today, but if he repeats the behavior I almost feel inclined to take some sort of action, especially given the threats he made last year.

Polly Pass A Cracker?

Posted in General with tags , , on Jan 15 2010 by Cynical Queer

Yup, another post about the class parrot.

I sit about mid-way back in the class of about 30 students.  Last night my carpool buddy that sits in the back row noticed the class parrot passing notes to her friends during a test.  A closed book test.  Tests I’m struggling with and barely passing.


I don’t like to make stereotypes, but it just pisses me off that we have this group of students seemingly cheating on the tests.  They are all of east Indian descent and are “sticking” together.  Speaking their native language in the class, etc.  I won’t go into what I think about the language issue since this is a place I take a significant departure from my other liberal friends, however, I do take exception to coming by my grades honestly and then hearing about or seeing people cheating on exams.

That is grounds for removal from the course for both the person giving and receiving the test information, according to the information we received at the beginning of the course.  Sadly, since this is a private school, I’m sure they will find a way to keep these people in class so they can keep getting the money.

My advice to my carpool buddy that saw this was to note it, and keep an eye out for it again.  If he sees it again I told him he should go to the program director with it, along with the other people that witnessed the behavior.  He told me he is not the only one that saw this happen.

Anyone have thoughts about this?  I know Koko probably does. 😉