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Some people are just not happy

Posted in General with tags , , , on Jul 04 2011 by Cynical Queer

This is not him, but this is what his attitude was like.

I had a family member come up to me last night after I found help to get his father into bed and give me a bunch of attitude.  His dad needed help with what we call a transfer from a wheel chair to his bed, I had been on my feet for 8-hours straight, my back was nearly ready to spasm (which means lifting over 200 pounds of man was going to be dangerous), and this guy was upset because he wanted dad in bed so he could go home.

Here is what he came up and said to me with attitude:

“When I come ask for your help that means I want *YOU* to come down there and do it, dammit, so don’t pass me off to somebody else to do it…”

I was passing him off to the CNA whose job it is to do this for him.  It wasn’t as if I abandoned him and left him flailing in the wind.

Here is what I actually said in response:

“I can not change what has already happened but I can do better in the future…”

Here is what I wanted to say:

“Listen pin head, I’m not putting my license on the line simply because you want me to drop everything instantly to go put your father in bed so you can go home.  I’m working all holiday weekend, so I don’t get to spend time with my family because I’m taking care of yours.  Consider yourself lucky.  I also have a ton of medications and an injection sitting on top of this medication cart which I am unable to leave sitting here to go take care of moving your father due to state law.  The person I’m putting these medications together for needs them and that is more important than dropping everything and putting your father to bed because you want to go home right now.  Your dad shouldn’t even be here, his health is such that you and your family could take care of him at home, but you’ve decided to dump him here instead because you apparently can’t be bothered to care for him but want to pretend that you care.  So exercise a little patience, you prick, and give me a chance to get down there to help, you f-ing dick!”

But you can’t say those kinds of things no matter how mad you get at someone.  When your nurse to patient ratio is 33 to 1, somehow I’m guessing that the nurse dropping everything to put dad to bed simply because you’re done dealing with him and want to go home is going to be something less than a priority, especially if the nurse has taken the time out of their incredibly hectic second day by themselves on the floor to get the people responsible for helping into that room.

I hope the guy that gave me the attitude chokes on a pretzel.

His dad wasn’t even one of my assigned patients.



Lots to do

Posted in General with tags , , on Jun 28 2011 by Cynical Queer

I’ve been working for nearly two weeks now, mostly going through orientation.  That would explain my absence from blog world since life has been get up early, go to work, come home, pass out on the couch, get up, go to bed, repeat.

My biggest job surprise so far has been that what I thought was advertised as a part-time position is actually full-time, which means I should be getting benefits with the job.  I have to get through the first 90-days, but after that I should have medical access again.  Even if it personally costs me what I’m paying now, I’m sure the coverage will be much better than the, “It’s only good if you get hit by a bus” coverage I have now.

I have tomorrow and the next day off.  I have to go up to my moms house and work on her bathroom a bit so that she can bring a tiling crew in.  I was almost to that point when I last worked on it two weeks ago.

Son of Crapshack – bathroom remodel

Posted in General with tags , on Jun 10 2011 by Cynical Queer

Yes, I’m working on yet another house.  I’ve named this one Son of Crapshack because it is about 20-years newer than the crapshack was.

When my grandfather died recently, my mother inherited the house.  The same house she’s been living in for 30 years, but it’s hers now.  My grandfather was rather miserly when it came to spending money on the house, so nothing has been remodeled since 1972 other than the flooring downstairs that was replaced about 25 years ago because the dishwasher decided to do its best impression of Old Faithful.

This means my mother is now the proud owner of a rather dated, run-down, home.  She has decided to start by remodeling the master bedroom to make it her own since this was grandpa’s room until recently.  First up – remodeling the bath.

We tore out the 1972 vintage fixtures and tossed them out the window.  Really, who wants this fiberglass and odd colored stuff?  I can’t tell if the color of all these old fixtures are peach, salmon, or barf.  I tend to go with the last one because that’s what I wanted to do any time I saw them (update: The color was called Mexican Sand, I saw it on the back of a piece of the cut-up fiberglass shower).

So far all the old stuff is out, the new counter is in (granite) and I’ve spent all day wiring for some luxury vent fan my mother wants to install that has a heater in it.  I spent 3 hours under the house today running new wiring, and my body *really* feels it.

Since this is another crapshack it should be obvious that I found additional problems under the house in the crawlspace, namely the washing machine drain line which is leaking, and appears to have been leaking for some time since I spent part of my day swimming in Lake Crapshack.  Something that would have been nice to have avoided since I was simultaneously working on the electrical system.

I’m happy to report that I did not end up with frizzy hair.

Since the leak has been present for a period of between two weeks and 10-years, and the foundation has not settled, I’ll opt to do this repair for her after we’re done with her bathroom and bedroom.

She also had granite put in her half-bath in the utility room, and it looks great.  She could probably have that half-bath completely remodeled in a week if she just cleans it up a bit and paints.  It’s pretty much a “Do in place” job that only requires that and no tearing out of cabinets or showers.

So for now I’ll simply report the saga of CQ and home remodeling has spun off a sequel.  Stay tuned for more remodeling tales.

Drama free day

Posted in General with tags , on Apr 04 2011 by Cynical Queer

I decided today was going to be a drama free day.  Instead of dealing with all the family issues that have been going on, which are leaving me mentally exhausted, I decided instead to shut off my phone and work on a home improvement project instead.

The project was re-wiring the post lamp out in the front yard.  According to Big D, it has not worked with hard-wired electricity for several years.  Last year he purchased a solar powered lamp for it, but it has been quite a disappointment. Instead I decided that since I hauled a bunch of electrical wire out here left over from the home remodel in North Carolina, that I would work on re-wiring this lamp.

This is a labor intensive project that involves a few things:

  1. Digging a trench approximately 20 feet long and 18-inches deep.
  2. Burrowing under the concrete walkway from the driveway to the front door.
  3. Burrowing under the concrete divider between the front lawn and the flower bed between that and the walkway.
  4. Burrowing under the wall of the small planter that the post lamp is in out in the lawn.
  5. Running a conduit to protect the wire.
  6. Running the wire through the conduit and up into the lamp post.
  7. Filling the trench back in after this part is done.

With all this burrowing, I feel a bit like a gopher.

Yes, a very labor intensive project to do nothing more than be able to turn on a single lamp.  Of course, it’s better than having no light at all out there and having ourselves and guests tripping over themselves because they cannot see in the dark.

I’m happy to report as of this posting there is a new wire up into the lamp post that runs through the conduit and back into the garage to a junction box.  Now all I have to do is get it hooked up to the wire running from the switch to the junction box, which I will do another day.

It will be nice to feel like I’ve accomplished something.  Especially after all the hard work that was expended to get it done.

It also makes me feel human again.

High Anxiety

Posted in General with tags , , on Feb 02 2011 by Cynical Queer

That is my life this week.  For the past three weeks or so, I’ve been studying my butt off to prepare to take my state exam.

I am happy to say that I only have 900 questions to go (out of 3600) before I finish my top-down review of the material.  I suppose it is a good sign that I am able to find stupid little errors in the study material, as that means I’m smart enough to see these things.  I am a bit disappointed in the program for making laboratory values just a hair high or low which often places them in a range that my main textbook says is right, but the test prep materials says is abnormal.

Very frustrating.

I’ve talked to a couple of my classmates and they are telling me that everyone they have talked to from our class that has taken the test so far has passed.  I take that as a positive sign.  There are a couple of them I know I outperformed, so I should do just fine.

Off to study about vaginas and little childrens now…   These are the last sections I have left to review.  Those materials are in a part of the field I’ll never work in, but I need to know as they are covered on the test.

When is 100.4 More than 101?

Posted in General with tags , , on Jan 19 2011 by Cynical Queer

When your NCLEX-PN test review materials are prepared by Linda  Anne Silvestri and her publisher Saunders Elsevier.

Here is the question they asked in their computer exam review:

A physicians order states to administer Tylenol (acetaminophen) 650mg orally for a temperature of more than 38°C.  The medication bottle states Tylenol (acetaminophen), 325mg.  The nurse takes the client’s temperature and notes that it is 101°F.  The nurse plans to take which of the following actions?

  1. Administer two Tylenol tablets.
  2. Administer three Tylenol tablets.
  3. Do not administer the Tylenol at this time.
  4. Check the client’s temperature in 30 minutes.

I answered 3 – Do not administer the Tylenol at this time since 100.4°F is *less* than 101°F.  However, the computer program tells me that I should have answered 1, which if I had done  what is indicated would be contrary to the physicians order.

So let’s do the math, shall we?  The formula to convert Celsius/Centigrade to Fahrenheit is as follows:

Degrees Celsius * 9/5 + 32  OR Degrees Celsius * 1.8 + 32.

In the question we have 38°C,  So our formula then becomes:

38 * 9/5 + 32 OR 38 * 1.8 + 32 =

68.4 + 32 = 100.4.

100.4 is definitely less than 101.

This is the third error I’ve found in my review for my state exam thus far, and I’ve just gotten started.  *ack* I think the last error was a coding error when they created the computer program, and the other was an error similar to this in that the answer was in direct conflict with the information given in the question and provided in the book and my other text book.

You just got to love when publishers and authors can’t even get simple fact checking correct.

Onward, Upward

Posted in General with tags , on Nov 20 2010 by Cynical Queer

Tonight I finally passed my last test.  I am officially graduated from nursing school.

Now onto the NCLEX and a license.