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Some people are just not happy

Posted in General with tags , , , on Jul 04 2011 by Cynical Queer

This is not him, but this is what his attitude was like.

I had a family member come up to me last night after I found help to get his father into bed and give me a bunch of attitude.  His dad needed help with what we call a transfer from a wheel chair to his bed, I had been on my feet for 8-hours straight, my back was nearly ready to spasm (which means lifting over 200 pounds of man was going to be dangerous), and this guy was upset because he wanted dad in bed so he could go home.

Here is what he came up and said to me with attitude:

“When I come ask for your help that means I want *YOU* to come down there and do it, dammit, so don’t pass me off to somebody else to do it…”

I was passing him off to the CNA whose job it is to do this for him.  It wasn’t as if I abandoned him and left him flailing in the wind.

Here is what I actually said in response:

“I can not change what has already happened but I can do better in the future…”

Here is what I wanted to say:

“Listen pin head, I’m not putting my license on the line simply because you want me to drop everything instantly to go put your father in bed so you can go home.  I’m working all holiday weekend, so I don’t get to spend time with my family because I’m taking care of yours.  Consider yourself lucky.  I also have a ton of medications and an injection sitting on top of this medication cart which I am unable to leave sitting here to go take care of moving your father due to state law.  The person I’m putting these medications together for needs them and that is more important than dropping everything and putting your father to bed because you want to go home right now.  Your dad shouldn’t even be here, his health is such that you and your family could take care of him at home, but you’ve decided to dump him here instead because you apparently can’t be bothered to care for him but want to pretend that you care.  So exercise a little patience, you prick, and give me a chance to get down there to help, you f-ing dick!”

But you can’t say those kinds of things no matter how mad you get at someone.  When your nurse to patient ratio is 33 to 1, somehow I’m guessing that the nurse dropping everything to put dad to bed simply because you’re done dealing with him and want to go home is going to be something less than a priority, especially if the nurse has taken the time out of their incredibly hectic second day by themselves on the floor to get the people responsible for helping into that room.

I hope the guy that gave me the attitude chokes on a pretzel.

His dad wasn’t even one of my assigned patients.



Because chocolate eggs are a threat to the USA

Posted in General with tags , , , , , on Apr 22 2011 by Cynical Queer

Give up the egg and nobody goes to Guantanamo!

I would think that US Customs would have better things to do than to be on the lookout for kinder eggs.  But if I thought that, I would be wrong.

I guess it’s a good thing I never put one of these in my luggage.

For those of you that don’t know, this is a hollow chocolate egg with a toy inside.  They can be found in nearly every western country *except* the US.

In other news, Cracker Jacks are apparently not candy, at least according to US law.

Useless Exercises

Posted in General with tags , , , on Mar 23 2011 by Cynical Queer

Yesterday I had to go to the federal courthouse for jury duty.  This would be the courthouse that is 122 miles away, in a part of the state I have never actually spent significant time in but have driven through many times on the way to places much more interesting (Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, etc.).

To determine if you need to appear, you have to call in at 5:00 PM the day before to see if you have to show up, then they expect you to be there at 8:00 AM the following morning.  Put another way, they expect you to be up at 4:30 AM so you can get showered, eat breakfast, get in the car, and drive 122 miles by 8:00 AM.

Apparently the army isn’t the only organization that gets more done by 9:00 AM…

At least I don’t live on the other side of the mountains which requires a 350-mile drive since there is no direct route to where the court is located.  Those folks should have their county attached to the Los Angeles court as it is a closer drive even though the court I went to is only 80 air-miles away from them.   It’s even worse for them since they can’t call the court until the same time I do, and they have to spend 7-9 hours driving to get there out of the 15 hours notice they get.

I made it down to the court, and promptly sat around for an hour.  Then we watched a video on the importance of jury duty and how it’s very noble that we show up for it.  I had actually met one of the people in the video, who just happens to be a former US Supreme Court Justice.

Now, even though I hate jury duty I do agree with the premise that if called everyone that is called needs to show up.  I also agreed with the premise of the video – you should serve on jury duty and show up because you just never know when you might find yourself in front of a jury either as a plaintiff or defendant.

I only have one question – why are they showing this video about the importance of jury duty to those people who *actually* showed up?  Seems kind of useless to me.  We’re not the ones they need to worry about because we were already there.

I can certainly understand why so many people blow off jury duty.  This court has it’s hooks in me for a total of 30-days or one trial, whichever occurs first.  Every other court I’ve ever dealt with you were on the hook for jury duty for that instance you were summoned to the court, and once you showed up, you were off the hook for a while if they decided not to seat you.   I might have to go back to this court again and again until my 30-days are up.

Truly annoying since you can’t make plans and I’m job hunting right now.  Speaking of which, my first interview is Friday.

I am officially a number

Posted in General with tags , on Mar 16 2011 by Cynical Queer

Today I logged into my local nursing board website and found that they have assigned me a license number.  So as of now I am officially licensed and can go job hunting.

Woo hoo!

Now let’s see if there is anything out there.  Thus far I’ve picked up applications from about 15 different places, and there are many more to go.  I’ll be doing a lot of driving around (at $4.00 per gallon) so let’s hope something pops quickly.

The only thing that can hold me up now is I am under the thumb of the local US District Court for jury duty that is going to last a duration of 30 days, or one trial, whichever occurs first.  I next check in with them on Friday night.

This is relevant because it makes it rather difficult to schedule an appointment with any certainty since I do not know if the court is going to require me to show up, and if they do, what day that will be.  *shrugs*

It’s always something.

At least I don’t live on the other side of the mountains.  My drive to the court will be 90 miles, the people that live over there have to drive 325 (7 to 8 hours), and they don’t know they have to go until at least 5:00 the evening before and they are expected to show up by 8:00 the following morning.

Tomato Shortage?

Posted in General with tags , , , on Mar 07 2011 by Cynical Queer

Today I visited a local fast food restaurant (cough, Carl’s Jr., cough) to get something for dinner because I didn’t feel like cooking for myself and my grandfather.  When I got to the counter to place my order there was a sign telling me that some items would not be made with tomatoes because there was a tomato shortage.


I’ve not read anything in the news about a tomato shortage, I’ve not heard anyone talking about it, there were TONS of tomatoes in the grocery store yesterday, so what is this shortage they speak of?  Frankly, I think there isn’t one and that the restaurant was simply running low on them.

At this point you may be asking yourself why I am writing about this fruit (yes, they are a fruit) that is placed on hamburgers, salads, and is a staple of Italian cooking.  What would make CQ ponder writing such an entry in his blog?

The restaurant I was in actually wanted to charge me extra for tomatoes on a sandwich that is clearly advertised on their menu board as having tomatoes.  Specifically, they wanted to charge me 40-cents per tomato slice more.  I called shenanigans on them and told them that I expected tomatoes on my sandwich as advertised, and that I wasn’t going to pay any more for the sandwich than what was advertised on the menu board.  My feeling was that if there is such a shortage and the cost of doing business is causing them to charge more for the red fruit, then they should reflect that in the price advertised on the menu.

I know it wasn’t the fault of the staff working in the store.  It was the fault of the idiot who owns or manages the place for not making the change on the menu.  Instead they decided to market this price increase as a produce shortage, charging for the tomato separately when it is clearly advertised on the menu as being part of the sandwich I ordered.

Needless to say I will not be going back to this establishment.   If they want to fuck around with their marketing like this and start selling their food like airlines sell their product, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

I did just that.

Gay Marriage = Polygamy?

Posted in General with tags , , on Feb 28 2011 by Cynical Queer

Gregory Kane, a writer for that conservative shill newspaper called the Washington Examiner, has written an article titled, Next up for Maryland legalization — polygamy, which theorizes that by making gay marriage legal that the next group demanding their rights would be the polygamists.

I find that this argument is without merit.  After all, if gay marriage is the slippery slope to polygamy, then why did the Mormons provide massive financing and signature gathering efforts in support of California’s proposition 8?

Assuming this logic is correct, and gay marriage is the actual door to polygamy, the Mormons should have been heavily financing the anti-prop 8 side so they could legally live their lives as their scriptures tell them to, instead of actively working to prevent gay marriage, since it seems our interests are linked.

Maybe I should donate to the polygamist cause?  Since I’m now infected with the logic of the article, it seems that allowing polygamy would shorten the wait for enactment of gay marriage in Utah.

Storm of the Century my ass…

Posted in General with tags on Feb 26 2011 by Cynical Queer

Gee, we were supposed to be inundated with the biggest snow storm these parts have seen in 25 years.

What did we get?

Tons of rain, and heavy downpour of hail (I suppose that’s kinda like snow), and closed schools for no reason.

At least I didn’t have to deal with a power outage.