The Marriage Debate

I’ve not quite figured out why gay marriage is so controversial in the United States.

I got to thinking about it again when my former state of residence recently enacted something called Amendment One.  I figured this was coming in 2010 when the Republicans took over the state legislature for the first time since reconstruction though you would think there would be more pressing matters given the horrible state of the economy.


The first thing they did was pass a law restricting marriage rights to a man and a woman.  Then they put this ballot initiative to the voters.  They followed the EXACT same game plan that the commonwealth of Virginia did about 6 years ago.  Trot out gay marriage as a ballot issue every election you can for no other reason than to drive conservative voters to the poll.  Passing a law then putting another initiative on the ballot to do the same thing is a similar concept to murdering someone and then shooting them a couple more times just to ensure they’re dead.  It’s not really necessary.

The last time I checked when a significant population scapegoated a minority the result was national socialism.

To which I say this to those narrow minded people.

So I got to thinking and what I think is going to solve this debate one way or another is not the marriages we have in our community, it’s going to be the divorces.  As it stands now a heterosexual couple can get married in any state of the union and they can also get divorced in every state of the union.  So if I were to go marry Big-D in say, Iowa, and we later decided to get divorced in Nevada, we couldn’t do so even though we have a perfectly legitimate marriage license from Iowa.  However a heterosexual couple with that same marriage license could get divorced in Nevada, which creates a constitutional issue (the US constitution) where there is no equal protection of the laws for a gay couple in that instance.

States cannot choose to acknowledge one marriage certificate from a state and then completely ignore another.  But they are doing exactly this.

Personally I think we fags are getting it backwards.  We should be fighting to abolish divorce.  Hey, if the issue is sanctity of marriage then there shouldn’t be any divorcing going on.  After all the vows usually state “’til death us do part…” and well, they’re not dead yet.


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