Some people are just not happy

This is not him, but this is what his attitude was like.

I had a family member come up to me last night after I found help to get his father into bed and give me a bunch of attitude.  His dad needed help with what we call a transfer from a wheel chair to his bed, I had been on my feet for 8-hours straight, my back was nearly ready to spasm (which means lifting over 200 pounds of man was going to be dangerous), and this guy was upset because he wanted dad in bed so he could go home.

Here is what he came up and said to me with attitude:

“When I come ask for your help that means I want *YOU* to come down there and do it, dammit, so don’t pass me off to somebody else to do it…”

I was passing him off to the CNA whose job it is to do this for him.  It wasn’t as if I abandoned him and left him flailing in the wind.

Here is what I actually said in response:

“I can not change what has already happened but I can do better in the future…”

Here is what I wanted to say:

“Listen pin head, I’m not putting my license on the line simply because you want me to drop everything instantly to go put your father in bed so you can go home.  I’m working all holiday weekend, so I don’t get to spend time with my family because I’m taking care of yours.  Consider yourself lucky.  I also have a ton of medications and an injection sitting on top of this medication cart which I am unable to leave sitting here to go take care of moving your father due to state law.  The person I’m putting these medications together for needs them and that is more important than dropping everything and putting your father to bed because you want to go home right now.  Your dad shouldn’t even be here, his health is such that you and your family could take care of him at home, but you’ve decided to dump him here instead because you apparently can’t be bothered to care for him but want to pretend that you care.  So exercise a little patience, you prick, and give me a chance to get down there to help, you f-ing dick!”

But you can’t say those kinds of things no matter how mad you get at someone.  When your nurse to patient ratio is 33 to 1, somehow I’m guessing that the nurse dropping everything to put dad to bed simply because you’re done dealing with him and want to go home is going to be something less than a priority, especially if the nurse has taken the time out of their incredibly hectic second day by themselves on the floor to get the people responsible for helping into that room.

I hope the guy that gave me the attitude chokes on a pretzel.

His dad wasn’t even one of my assigned patients.



6 Responses to “Some people are just not happy”

  1. UGH!! I hate that so much. I know that the family member thinks their loved one should be the number one priority but it’s usually not the case. While they matter, there are 100’s of other things that are far more critical. No, I’m not going to let them starve, die of thirst, fall asleep in the chair, or wallow about in pain. But I cannot possibly be in a thousand places at once. It’s one of the most annoying parts of the job…oh wait, there are thousands of annoying things about our job!! LOL

  2. I think most people fail to realize how complicated most jobs are. I’ll admit that I can be a jerk of a customer sometimes (especially to bad waiters), but I once fully admited to a Kinko’s employee that what I was asking for in a desired time frame was unreasonable.

    I also admit that I’m a terrible patient when it comes time to give me shots.

  3. I had a lady get upset that I didn’t get her medications to her exactly when she wanted them. Sorry, I had 25 others to deal with this morning, she’s not the only one. She was actually ranting and raving at me while I was at her room door telling me to give her her medications NOW! I told her that siting in her doorway yelling at me was counterproductive and was actually slowing down the process. She then threatened to go to my boss, at which point I told her to feel free to do so. *shrugs* I can see where I’ll get burnt out on this quickly. Hopefully the prison will have a job opening for me soon. I would get $15,000 per year more, and better benefits. And there I’d only have to throw a pill at someone once in a while.

  4. Prison? I would accept $15,000 less a year to avoid the stress that comes from working in a prison environment, even if it means the cranky patient or cranky visitors… one can develop strategies for dealing with the patients and families, building up rapport, and do OK in the long run.

  5. koko Says:

    We get a lot of prisoners and most of them have been very pleasant to work with. If you’re at a medical grade prison you’d get a lot more sick people. I’ve been surprised with most of our prisoners…most have been reasonable which isn’t where my expectations were. There was one that was creepy and icky and what not but he was mostly nice…at least to the white nurses.

  6. My experience with the prisoners has been much like Koko’s. Inside the prison you would be out in the population on very rare occasions and normally the prisoner would be brought to you and not the other way around. Put another way, they are brought to your environment and you’re not taken to theirs.

    I would also not accept a position at a maximum security facility. I would probably go somewhere more like a work farm or minimum security facility, which is what is in my immediate area.

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