Lots to do

I’ve been working for nearly two weeks now, mostly going through orientation.  That would explain my absence from blog world since life has been get up early, go to work, come home, pass out on the couch, get up, go to bed, repeat.

My biggest job surprise so far has been that what I thought was advertised as a part-time position is actually full-time, which means I should be getting benefits with the job.  I have to get through the first 90-days, but after that I should have medical access again.  Even if it personally costs me what I’m paying now, I’m sure the coverage will be much better than the, “It’s only good if you get hit by a bus” coverage I have now.

I have tomorrow and the next day off.  I have to go up to my moms house and work on her bathroom a bit so that she can bring a tiling crew in.  I was almost to that point when I last worked on it two weeks ago.


2 Responses to “Lots to do”

  1. Congratulations on the full-time job with benefits — how many days do you have left until you have coverage? What about a count-down clock?

  2. I would say the US standard of 90 days from today. If I read everything correctly it’s 90 days from the first day of the month after your start date. So in effect it’s more like 100 days.

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