Bureaucracy – Nursing Edition

One of the things I’ve found happening now that I have a nursing license is that you get to deal with a huge amount of bureaucracy.  This time it has come in the form of trying to get my IV therapy and blood drawing certificate attached to my license.  While I can work without this certification, having it will make finding a job easier as most employers want you to have this certification.

Last week I received a call from the nursing board asking me all sorts of questions about how much time we spent in class, how long were our lunch breaks, etc.  What I found odd was that I was *not* being questioned about the course content itself.  I would think it more important that I learned what I am supposed to be doing instead of having the nursing board go over the time spent learning it with a fine toothed comb.

Since it takes a nuclear half-life for the nursing board to do anything, it had been several months since I took the course.  Put another way, I needed to find my notes and research the answers to his questions at the level of detail he was asking his questions, and I couldn’t provide them while he was on the phone.  The result: my certification was postponed because I couldn’t give him all the answers right off the top of my head.

Fast forward to yesterday.  I finally got all my notes together and called him, and he returned my call this morning.  He asked me the same questions again, and this time I was prepared and passed his “test” with flying colors.  He told me he is going to post the certification to my license and it should show up in the online verification system this weekend, or Monday night at the latest.

I must say I’m relieved.  This will help me get a much better job than I could otherwise obtain.

What had me concerned is this guy was certifying other students that took the same course, at the same time, I did.  I was lining up my plan of action which was going to be first talking to him like I did, then bringing up the obvious that you can’t apply the law unevenly by letting some of my classmates be certified when I was there the same amount of time they were, then taking it to his supervisor, and if that didn’t work getting my state representative involved since the law wasn’t being applied evenly.

Fortunately I will not have to do anything more than the first step, but I was preparing just in case.

I need to get accustomed to bureaucracy though, nurses have to put up with a lot of it.  I have a feeling I’m going to be doing a lot of “just in case” type of preparations.


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