This should make those idiots shut up!

It's nice to see that one little piece of paper can so ruin a conspiracy theorists day.

Dear Birthers,

I’m so sorry to see that your conspiracy theories about the birthplace of our President have now been proven unfounded with one single release of a tiny little piece of information.  All you’ve proven with your efforts is how much of a side show you can put on to grab attention.  You even got Donald Trump to jump on your bandwagon.  If find it ironic that Trump has been trumped though.  With what’s been going on in my life lately, I needed a good laugh.

This document proves that Barack Obama has a legitimate claim to being a natural born citizen, and in a much less questionable way than your last candidate John McCain, who wasn’t even born inside the United States.  Nope, he was born in the Canal Zone in Panama, a technicality all of you seem to feel can be overlooked, and one which none of you has seemed to get upset about in the least.

Now please kindly go slither off back under the rock from which you came and let our President do the job for which he was elected with an overwhelming electoral college majority, the likes of which had not been seen since Ronald Reagan won his reelection in 1984.

Or put another way, go frack yourselves.




One Response to “This should make those idiots shut up!”

  1. Now their true colors are showing. They are saying a black man could not have become a Harvard law student without help because everyone knows they don’t have enough smarts. Only the Aryan race is smart enough to become president. Apparently the KKK still lives.

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