Can I Haz Nuw Familee?

Can I please have a new family?  I’ve noticed in the month or so I’ve been licensed as a nurse that suddenly I’m the go to guy for everything.

My mother comes to me because of the nutty stuff my grandfather does.  In the last month he has come at me with a knife, tried to punch my mother, and socked my older brother in the jaw.  All because he felt like he wasn’t getting his way with something.

Now I have my stepmother coming at me with my fathers nuttiness.  Seems dad has an ammonia imbalance and it’s causing him to be wacko.  He’s being incredibly difficult to the people working with him in the nursing home (he’s tried to escape several times, so to speak), and now he’s back in the hospital because he’s too much for the nursing home staff to handle.

He’s also hallucinating.  He told me that the reason he wanted out of the nursing home is because people were in his room having sex in front of him, and because his roommate was standing at the top of the bed waving a black flag with a white dot that had a red dog on it.


Now that I’m licensed my dad also wants me to come back to Illinois to be his caregiver.  Well, as much as I care, I need a job that pays!   I also couldn’t go back there right now if I wanted to because of the US District Court jury thing I have going on right now.

Moving to the south of France and not leaving a forwarding address is looking like an attractive option.


3 Responses to “Can I Haz Nuw Familee?”

  1. No fun. I struggle with the nuts…it’s hard for them to understand because they really do SEE things. And because we don’t see it, we are the crazy ones. It’s just really hard to rationalize that with someone who sees things differently than we do. It’s just tough. The other day I had a lady with steroid induced psychosis (transplant pt) and she went nuts. Thank god for haldol and restraints. 🙂

  2. Gee, after this entry was posted I found out that my grandfather got admitted to the ICU at the hospital where I’m living now (I live 50 miles away from his house).

    I got a good giggle when you described your transplant patient because my grandfather is on, you’ll like this, restraints and haldol. 🙂

  3. Okay, I laughed…out loud…a lot. Haldol is my BFF. Though I’m really sad to hear he’s not doing well 😦

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