Some people are never happy

I moderate and help administrate an alternative lifestyle website.  I won’t specifically say what one here, but suffice it to say being a site moderator is a largely thankless task.  It seems to be human nature to bitch, bitch, bitch about things if you feel slighted or think something is wrong.  For whatever reason when things are going well, nobody takes the time to say, “good job.  I really like what you are doing…”

This results in a site moderator thinking that they are moderating a site of constant whiners.  I’m sure the majority of people that visit the site are perfectly fine with how things are run and what goes on.  However I have one user that was upset that I was enforcing copyright and trademark issues.

I received this gem from him the other day:

Dear Moderator:

I’ve been too pissed to respond sooner, so here goes.
First of all there was no intent to advertise (site X). I was only demonstrating that I have been into this stuff for a while and had been awarded, a few years, (a t-shirt with the other site logo on it) as a top photo contributor there.
I think it rather petty of you to react as you did. I thought that we in the (alternative lifestyle) world were supportive of one another, obviously you have another idea, possibly this is all about money. This is not a competition or at least should not be between sites, we should all support all who provide a service to the community. As you know there are other folks here who have been associated with (site X) in the past, I have not been for quite awhile, mostly due to the dumping of (former competing site owner from site X). So I am now here and think that there should be no prohibition of the mention of (site X) or any other site that is a “brother” to us all. Please reconsider your ban.

User Y

I responded as follows:

Feel free to be pissed, but while you’re fuming you may wish to take some time to review the terms of use of this website, specifically the portion related to trademarks and copyrights and photo and video submissions.

As for money… we charge to cover software and bandwidth for the site at a rate of $10 for each 6 months of access. We have 300 users. Feel free to do the math on that so you can understand how absurd your money comment is.

I at least took the time out of my day to notify you and explain the issue, I didn’t have to and given your response, next time I probably won’t.

Content Moderator

Am I wrong?  I did contact this person when I encountered a copyright/trademark issue and corrected it.  I then responded to the person letting them know why I did not let one of their photos out of the moderation queue.  The message they sent (quoted above) is how they responded.

I have plenty of other things to do right now, like look for a job now that I’m able to post-training.  If this guy writes back with some sort of issue, I think I’m going to promptly ignore it and just mark it up to not being able to make everyone happy.

I’ve certainly developed a thick skin the past couple of years.


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