I am officially a number

Today I logged into my local nursing board website and found that they have assigned me a license number.  So as of now I am officially licensed and can go job hunting.

Woo hoo!

Now let’s see if there is anything out there.  Thus far I’ve picked up applications from about 15 different places, and there are many more to go.  I’ll be doing a lot of driving around (at $4.00 per gallon) so let’s hope something pops quickly.

The only thing that can hold me up now is I am under the thumb of the local US District Court for jury duty that is going to last a duration of 30 days, or one trial, whichever occurs first.  I next check in with them on Friday night.

This is relevant because it makes it rather difficult to schedule an appointment with any certainty since I do not know if the court is going to require me to show up, and if they do, what day that will be.  *shrugs*

It’s always something.

At least I don’t live on the other side of the mountains.  My drive to the court will be 90 miles, the people that live over there have to drive 325 (7 to 8 hours), and they don’t know they have to go until at least 5:00 the evening before and they are expected to show up by 8:00 the following morning.


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