A Knife… Really?

Today has been a very stressful and trying day.  This morning my grandfather who has dementia pulled a knife, then thrust it at me nearly stabbing me.  Unfortunately I’m not the one making his medical decisions and my older brother who makes these decisions in the absence of my mother is unwilling to take him to the hospital to have him checked over.

I’m sorry, but coming at your grandson with a knife over a minor disagreement is unacceptable behavior.  He needs to go see professionals who can help him out, even if it means that he has to stay somewhere for a few days until they sort out the issue.

My family has been very good to him in that we’ve thus far kept our promise to keep him out of a nursing home.  However, when he’s a harm only to himself we do try to keep him from doing those things but we can write stuff off and after the fact often can get a good laugh out of it or have a story to tell when he comes out o.k. on the other side.  However the past couple of days he has been a harm to himself AND others.

To me that is where the line is crossed.

Yesterday morning I came downstairs after waking up and noticed he had the door on the wood stove wide open and had burned papers in it.  OK, that’s what it’s for, but the kicker is he was not at the wood stove but was instead in bed asleep.  This means he got up overnight and lit the fire, then didn’t close the door.  He could have burned the house down.

Now he nearly stabs me, and my brother who has to make the decisions still is trying to keep him from going to the hospital.  Still trying even though we called the physician who said take him to the hospital.  NOW!


I have news for my older brother, as soon as I’m done writing this blog post, I’m packing my stuff and going home.  If he’s so confident my grandfather isn’t going to hurt himself or anyone else, then he can care for him for the last four days before my mother returns from her vacation.  I’m not going to sit here and let my grandfather try to murder me because he’s got dementia.  Brother can deal with it, I’m done.

Grandpa needs help, and needs it now.  I can say now that I’m a licensed professional that apparently my professional opinion, and the opinion of the doctor, mean nothing to the brother legally responsible for making the medical decisions.  *ugh*


Well, I decided to stay.  The old man has calmed down, and fortunately I have a lock on the door to the room I’m staying in.   At 94 years old, I doubt he’s going to be able to get through the door without my noticing it even if I’m sleeping.  I also have an escape route I can use out the window and down a ladder if I need to.

If he acts up overnight anything like he did this morning, he’s off to the hospital, with an ambulance and perhaps police escort.

I also told my brother that since he’s acting against medical advice (of the doctor), that if our grandfather acts up even remotely close to how he did this morning, I’m going home and he’ll be taking care of him by himself until our mother returns from her vacation this upcoming weekend.  At that point she will be in charge.


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