Gay Marriage = Polygamy?

Gregory Kane, a writer for that conservative shill newspaper called the Washington Examiner, has written an article titled, Next up for Maryland legalization — polygamy, which theorizes that by making gay marriage legal that the next group demanding their rights would be the polygamists.

I find that this argument is without merit.  After all, if gay marriage is the slippery slope to polygamy, then why did the Mormons provide massive financing and signature gathering efforts in support of California’s proposition 8?

Assuming this logic is correct, and gay marriage is the actual door to polygamy, the Mormons should have been heavily financing the anti-prop 8 side so they could legally live their lives as their scriptures tell them to, instead of actively working to prevent gay marriage, since it seems our interests are linked.

Maybe I should donate to the polygamist cause?  Since I’m now infected with the logic of the article, it seems that allowing polygamy would shorten the wait for enactment of gay marriage in Utah.


One Response to “Gay Marriage = Polygamy?”

  1. I have often heard that if two men are allowed to marry the next step would be a man wanting to marry his dog or favorite sofa. It seems that another man is equal to any animal or inatimate object. I never have been able to follow this logic but have heard it for years.

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