Road Trip

Today I took a road trip.  For those of you that have been following along,  you will know that I had to travel to Sacramento to take my nursing license exam, AKA NCLEX.

The trip up was uneventful, but semi-amusing.  When I pulled off the freeway and started making my way to the test location, my GPS nag-igator was guiding the way.  The last two turns it spoke to me and said, “Turn left to You-reek Road” which was promptly followed by, “Turn right to Lava-rid Court…”

Not only does the GPS tell me I’m smelly, but then it suggests I jump into molten lava to rid my self of the stench.   I suppose the lava would take care of the smelly part, but it would also take care of a few other things.  Permanently.

I think my GPS is plotting to take over the world, starting with me.  I may just have to take anything it says in the future with a great deal of caution.

Oh, you probably want to know the result of the test…   It looks like I passed.


4 Responses to “Road Trip”

  1. Your crystal ball suggests I should say “Congratulations!”



  2. Congratulations CQ! You’ll look GOOOOOD in those scrubs.

  3. Yes, but I’m doing everything I can to avoid wearing green scrubs ever again.

  4. Last time I used The Coach’s GPS, it tried to get me to drive down a road that didn’t exist!

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