High Anxiety

That is my life this week.  For the past three weeks or so, I’ve been studying my butt off to prepare to take my state exam.

I am happy to say that I only have 900 questions to go (out of 3600) before I finish my top-down review of the material.  I suppose it is a good sign that I am able to find stupid little errors in the study material, as that means I’m smart enough to see these things.  I am a bit disappointed in the program for making laboratory values just a hair high or low which often places them in a range that my main textbook says is right, but the test prep materials says is abnormal.

Very frustrating.

I’ve talked to a couple of my classmates and they are telling me that everyone they have talked to from our class that has taken the test so far has passed.  I take that as a positive sign.  There are a couple of them I know I outperformed, so I should do just fine.

Off to study about vaginas and little childrens now…   These are the last sections I have left to review.  Those materials are in a part of the field I’ll never work in, but I need to know as they are covered on the test.


3 Responses to “High Anxiety”

  1. My fingers are crossed for you — I’m sure you’ll do well!

  2. Good luck! You’ll do great. Just think, that attention to detail will get you to notice things that the previous nurse did wrong. Like leave the fentanyl drip running on the floor instead of into the patient…or hanging the wrong maintenance fluids.

  3. Exactly. Those are the types of things I notice. I think many entries over the past year in my blog addressed such things as I was going through school. Things from leaving a mess *in* the bed of an immobile patient to a long-time nurse receiving a report about a patient having a morphine allergy and then an hour later giving the patient morphine.

    Yes, I actually saw those things. *ugh*

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