Welfare Fraud

Today I saw what had to be a huge example of welfare fraud.

I saw a woman in front of me in the store take a food stamp voucher out of her Coach purse.

If you can afford a Coach purse, the cheapest of which is somewhere around $300, you don’t need welfare.  I think they should make a law that if you see fraud and/or stupidity like this, you have the legal right to use a taser on that person.

Moving out of this state is seeming like a wiser and wiser move all the time.  While I will concede there are people who actually need the help, when I see crap like this I can see why California has such a huge budget issue.


One Response to “Welfare Fraud”

  1. The plusses of living in this state far exceed the minuses, in my opinion.

    I bet you’d find this sort of welfare fraud in ANY state.

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