When is 100.4 More than 101?

When your NCLEX-PN test review materials are prepared by Linda  Anne Silvestri and her publisher Saunders Elsevier.

Here is the question they asked in their computer exam review:

A physicians order states to administer Tylenol (acetaminophen) 650mg orally for a temperature of more than 38°C.  The medication bottle states Tylenol (acetaminophen), 325mg.  The nurse takes the client’s temperature and notes that it is 101°F.  The nurse plans to take which of the following actions?

  1. Administer two Tylenol tablets.
  2. Administer three Tylenol tablets.
  3. Do not administer the Tylenol at this time.
  4. Check the client’s temperature in 30 minutes.

I answered 3 – Do not administer the Tylenol at this time since 100.4°F is *less* than 101°F.  However, the computer program tells me that I should have answered 1, which if I had done  what is indicated would be contrary to the physicians order.

So let’s do the math, shall we?  The formula to convert Celsius/Centigrade to Fahrenheit is as follows:

Degrees Celsius * 9/5 + 32  OR Degrees Celsius * 1.8 + 32.

In the question we have 38°C,  So our formula then becomes:

38 * 9/5 + 32 OR 38 * 1.8 + 32 =

68.4 + 32 = 100.4.

100.4 is definitely less than 101.

This is the third error I’ve found in my review for my state exam thus far, and I’ve just gotten started.  *ack* I think the last error was a coding error when they created the computer program, and the other was an error similar to this in that the answer was in direct conflict with the information given in the question and provided in the book and my other text book.

You just got to love when publishers and authors can’t even get simple fact checking correct.


2 Responses to “When is 100.4 More than 101?”

  1. I really like her books, I used them a lot in school. But also found lots of stupid little errors like that. Kaplan had a lot of stupid/incorrect answers as well. As long as you recognize the errors and not blindly accept them…then you’ll be fine. I can’t tell you how many times we found typos in the books and in kaplan. It was outrageous. You’d think for as much as they charge for these books/programs that they’d be able to have some decent editors!! It’s so frustrating to study that! Keep going, you’re almost there!!

    • The temperature error might be attributed to their writing the question from memory and not running the numbers through the formula that you would use. I could see in theory how the temperature break could be 38C or 101F if you’re using some sort of agency chart, but when you’re in a test, odds are you will use the conversion formula which put the temp too low. *shrugs*

      I’ll pass. Like you said, if I’m finding the errors I must know more than I think.

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