Flat on my back

And not for a good reason.

Back in 2003 I went hiking and when I returned home I got out of the car then my back went into spasm.  I managed to climb to my third floor apartment where once I got inside I did not emerge for 4 days.  Ever since then, I have this issue about once a year and this week is my lucky week for 2011.  Fortunately I’m not working right now so it is simply a minor inconvenience.

What amazes me about back spasms is what sets them off.  Normally I get some warning that this is going to happen and if I take appropriate measures I can stop it.  When I was in London with TQE back in 2003, we were wandering about the city and I felt one coming on.  Two ibuprofen, an hour of rest and taking it easy later, spasm avoided.  This time it was unavoidable as my back did not give me the typical warning signs.  I simply leaned over to plug my computer into the power strip and when I stood back up, WHAM!

This is the most severe back spasm I’ve had since the initial one back in early 2003.  I figure it will take me a week or so to get over.  The good news is my house guests are not scheduled to come to town until the 22nd.

Fortunately the only thing I must do this week involves lots of sitting, so off to studying I go.


4 Responses to “Flat on my back”

  1. You need a full body massage with hot oils or else get some
    freeze-it roll on at Walmart and apply every two hours until pain stays away’ Get well soon.

  2. Sure. Are you volunteering?

  3. I know the feeling. Except I don’t get warnings…ever. It always seems to happen in natural situations too–not when working out or when you think you might get a spasm. The most notable…brushing my teeth and another time I simply stood up off the toilet. Rest up friend!

  4. Right, I’ll fly to the left coast on the red eye. Get well soon.

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