Where Are My Water Wings?

It’s been wet and rainy here for a week now.  Though listening to the national news, you would think the only part of California that is getting pummeled by rain is the LA area, but the fact is while this has been going on in Los Angeles, it has been going on up here for about four days longer.

I went to visit my folks yesterday and when I drove into town the creeks were the highest I’ve seen them in 20-years, it was raining so hard in the hills that I could actually feel the car pushing against the water on the road, and anytime I encountered a road coming off a hill, there was a river of water washing across the road I was traveling on leaving a nice layer of gravel in the roadway.

The family lake/pond at the back of the property is nearly full, something that usually does not happen until near the end of the rainy season in late spring.  Water was running off the adjacent property and across my parents driveway almost like a river.

Yes, it’s quite wet out here.

I hope that all this rain and snow will finally bring California out of a drought for the first time in nearly a decade.


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