It’s a game for chimps

Wheel of Fortune is a game a trained chimp could play, but this was semi-impressive.   It reminds me of Name That Tune and figuring out what song it was in one note.  You’ll need to let the video play for 30-seconds or so to see it.



One Response to “It’s a game for chimps”

  1. Being an old geezer, I never miss Wheel or Jeopardy! I have noticed over the years that if a contestant is young and giggles a lot she usually does very well. Also, every once in a while they will keep the camera on the wheel a bit too long and I can see it bounce backwards with great force. It’s as if it hits something underneath, Hmmm? If the contestants as a whole have done well Pat lands on 300 when he spins. If the contestants have done poorly, he lands on a higher number. If they have really sucked he will land on the 5000. Like I said I watch this show way too much.

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