Slithery Things


Miliwane Nature Reserve, Swaziland. No Black Mambas Here... I think.


Today I turned on the TV to a nice show that was filmed in… Swaziland.

The PBS television show Nature was showing a show entitled called Black Mamba today about the, you guessed it, black mamba snakes of Swaziland.  It was quite interesting in that it centered around the educational efforts of a white couple trying to educate the Swazi natives about the dangerous snakes they’ve lived with for thousands of years.  An amazing knowledge deficit exists among the Swazis about the native flora and fauna.

The couple would take calls about the mambas invading homes, schools, etc. and they would come remove the snakes.  Their efforts have been so successful that King Mswati III has granted this couple some land to create a research and education center to educate his subjects.

I’m just glad that when TQE and I visited Swaziland back in May of 2007 that we seemed to visit at a time these snakes were less active than normal.  Since we were there in the fall, the snakes were preparing to hibernate, or at least be less active than the height of the summer in February.


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