How did the state overlook this one?

I can't be the only one doing a double-take.

I’m not sure how it made it through the DMV censors, but it is much like the MAMA DCK plate I saw back in North Carolina.  It makes me wonder if the person who has it on their car knows the potential non-family oriented meaning, or if they innocently got this plate and it means something else entirely.

Regardless, I got a good laugh out of it.


2 Responses to “How did the state overlook this one?”

  1. Was this Ford a convertible? Maybe with a tan top? Camel Top. Or was it ‘s owner a large big boned gal in a tight pair of sweat pants? LOL

  2. It was on a Ford F-250 truck. It took me a while but I think it is supposed to say CAMELOT with a missing letter O. I think they may have unintentionally missed the mark.

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