NIAF, a misnamed organization

What is the NIAF you ask?  It’s the National Italian American Foundation.  Being an Italian American, I signed up for their e-newsletter which arrives in my inbox on a regular schedule.  The newsletter is great!  It let’s me know what’s going on for furthering the cause of Italian Americans.  It lists tons of great events I can attend to mingle with my fellow Italian Americans and share our views of Italian culture, etc.

So what’s the problem?

The group would be more appropriately named the Washington, DC Italian American Foundation.  Nearly every function they list in this e-newsletter is based in Washington, DC.  On those rare occasions that there is a function outside of the US national capitol, it is usually in New York City.

Sure, I’ll just buy a ticket, hop on a jet, and come on over from the west coast.

They definitely do not seem representative of the US as a whole.

Dear NIAF,

You are not adequately representing the interests of all Americans of Italian origin.  If you were, you would hold functions all over the US, and especially in the San Francisco area where there is a rather large community of Americans of Italian origin.  While I know Italians are generally conservative by nature, you could also highlight one of the more well-known Americans of Italian origin that has either a neuteral or progressive political leaning instead of focusing only on those that lean so far to the right that they make Benito Mussolini look like a liberal.

I mean really, the biggest function we have been treated to here in the western US recently is when the consulate in San Francisco opened it doors and invited us to meet the new consul general.  He’s doing a much better job of representing US based Italians than the NIAF ever thought of doing.

Can you please try to be more inclusive of the rest of the country if you’re going to take on the name National Italian American Foundation?  Please?




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