OMG! I found a Republican I actually agree with

What’s his name?

Former US Senator Alan Simpson of Wyoming.  I read with great interest the article about him in the Washington Post today. I think this guy has it right when it comes to the underlying issues of the economic disaster the country is getting ready to enter.  You know, the one that if we don’t start doing something about the massive increasing debt combined with the lowering of revenue that will result in the US becoming a third-world country?

He has rightly taken on groups such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars that state they, “believes in fiscal responsibility, but veterans’ programs are sacrosanct.”

If every program is sacrosanct when the US has to seriously start looking at austerity measures, we’ll never get the job done.

Dear fellow citizens,

Taxes are not the evil you think they are.  You expect the government to do everything for you, but you do not wish to fund the government.  These things do not go hand-in-hand.  You have to fund the government, of you have to expect it to do less for you.

It’s a simple concept really.  The government isn’t this big mysterious organization that has a limitless source of funds.   If you want roads, school, fire and police protection, etc. you better start coughing up some dough.  This stuff ain’t free ya know.


Cynical Queer


4 Responses to “OMG! I found a Republican I actually agree with”

  1. I’ve never agreed with Senator Simpson 100% of the time, but in general I think he’s a decent and honorable Senator, as was his Father.

    Most Wyoming Republicans are not as evil as, oh, Nevada Republicans. That’s not to say they’re perfect, but they are closer than from other states.

  2. I think the Nevada Republican you’re referring to is a a tea party troll.

    Generally, I found western Republicans to be much like southern Democrats. It’s the southern Republicans that make my skin crawl.

    Senator Simpson has even pointed out that the parties need to work together and has told his former Republican colleagues that “NO” is not a policy position and that you have to work with everyone and compromise and quit acting like a spoiled child that insists on having its way.

    Unfortunately to be a Republican today you have to believe a majority is 41%.

  3. Where were these budget conscientious republicans when Bush was spending billions and borrowing from china? I remember them saying, “oh deficits aren’t bad.” It seems they don’t mind spending billions for war but not a cent to help those of us without health care insurance. Of course they have great insurance and a pension plan unequaled in the world of business.

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