Get your motor runnin’

Look, I'm The Stig's fat American cousin

This weekend, Big D and I took a long motorcycle ride up into the mountains.  We started in the central valley and made our way up to the top of the Sierra Nevada mountains, just short of 10,000 feet.  We traveled up Sonora Pass, which is the second highest road in California.  The highest road is Tioga Pass, just to the south, but you have to pay an entrance fee to Yosemite National Park to take the route.  Because of this, it is the only mountain pass in California I’ve never traversed.

The mountain pass we went up is the same one the big truck I wrote about a couple

Commemorating the Sonora to Mono toll road

of months ago was trying to drive over when it went off a cliff.  We must have driven past the site of the wreck, but I didn’t see any evidence along the way that indicated where the incident took place.

Some snow left from last winter on the peak

It was rather cool for late August on this trip.  I estimate it was around 80F when we left the central valley and it was likely around 45F when we reached the summit.  It was a tad chilly.  There was even some snow left on the shady areas of the mountain peaks around us.  Quite a stunning view.

Perhaps next year when I have a bit more time I’ll suck it up and pay the entrance fee to Yosemite and finally make my way over that last mountain pass I’ve yet to cross.


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