I’m sure Koko can explain this to those of you not in the know on such things.  I’m on my OB & Pediatrics rotation and today I ran into a 26 year old woman that was a G20P1-2-17-3  (the last 4 numbers are the FPAL).

This means she is either a pregnancy miscarriage “slip-n-slide” or she needs to learn about actual birth control and not use abortion as her form of it.


3 Responses to “OMG!?!?!”

  1. You’re sounding like SUCH a nurse these days — good for you! 😀

  2. Cameron, you’re alive! So good to see you drop by.

    I was wondering where you wandered off to. Nursing school is great, and I’m almost done. November 12th is the last day!

  3. O-M-G…I have to wonder if that’s even possible at that age. Gravida of 20 at 26 years old?? Holy crap…that’s what we call an idiot slut puppy. At some point, her oven will break…lets hope.

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