“If that is what the voters wanted…”

“…then that is what should stand and a judge shouldn’t be able to overturn it.”  This is in reference to the recent US District Court decision overturning California’s Proposition 8.

Was this said by a conservative religious white man?


A lower middle class black woman?


I guess this woman has never heard of Brown vs. the Board of Education, Loving vs. Virginia, or the 14th amendment (which the two court case decisions mentioned were based on), among many examples of things that gave her and her class of people civil rights equal to the rest of the citizenry of the US.

I seem to remember that Loving vs. Virginia came about because a state (Virginia) purposely put in place a law that said certain classes of people could not inter-marry with other classes.  Brown vs. the Board of Education came about because the Topeka, KS public schools decided that separate schools (institutions) were equal because they gave the “same” education, which sounds like a similar argument used by those who argue that civil unions are enough for gay people and that marriage should be reserved for the heterosexual portion of the population.

Regarding the black woman above…  I guess once her group got their civil rights, the door closed and us uppity faggots now need to shut the fu*k up and sit in the back of the bus.

Well lady, this uppity faggot isn’t going to sit in the back of the bus.


One Response to ““If that is what the voters wanted…””

  1. The religious right pointed out that the Judge is Gay and just wants to make it so he can marry the one he loves…Uh…Duh!

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