“…ask the questions we want to answer…”

This is what the Republican US Senate candidate from Nevada, Sharon Angle, recently was heard saying in an interview.

Yes, journalists should only ask the questions the candidate wants to answer.  They should only throw you softballs.  They should never ask you the questions that *need* to be answered, just ask you things like, “what color is the sky”, “Is Obama a Democrat?”, or “Is the majority of land area in Nevada a desert?”

You shouldn’t ask her anything that resembles a question with substance.  We wouldn’t want her to do any critical thinking, would we?  Nope, just ask her the questions she wants to answer so that all her sound bites come out the way she wants them.

I’ll bet that while she is answering only those questions she wants to answer (she doesn’t grant interviews to the “mainstream” press, which I am assuming is any outlet other than Fox News), I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if her Democratic (yes Republicans, there is an “-ic” on Democrat) opponent Harry Reid only responds to the questions she wants asked of her opponent.

I hope the voters in Nevada have the common sense to realize that candidates should answer any questions the media is able to ask them.  Not just answer those that happen to be in agreement with the candidates views.

I hope this particular Republican goes down in flames, with prejudice.  I may not like much of what Republicans have to say, but if they gain their offices through hard fought campaigns I can accept it.  If the media only starts asking the questions that candidates want to answer, then we’ve lost the free media in the US.

Sadly, I think the free media may already be a relic.


3 Responses to ““…ask the questions we want to answer…””

  1. Is she the one who recommended talking to your doctor and bartering chickens for health care?

    Congrats to TQE on being the 2500th comment

  2. More of the republicans trying to manipulate the press. Like the fake plastic turkey that Bush used as a photo op on Thanksgiving day for our troops in Iraq. I also remember a time when he filled the background with men in short sleeves and no ties so he would appear to attract blue collar workers.
    Some have said recently that Obama doesn’t deserve two terms. Excuse me? If that f*cker Dbyah Bush got two terms then Obama should be a shoo-in.

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