22 years too late

I got a nice message from someone from my high school graduating class.  Amusingly, he tracked me down using a gay networking hook-up site.

I think high school would have been a lot more fun if either of us had known the other was gay.  I had a huge crush on him even then, but didn’t dare approach as he had a girlfriend.  He confided in me during our conversation on-line today that he was doing that as a front and was actually, like myself, lusting after the football team.

I guess my gaydar was alive and well, even in the era of Devo, INXS, and Tiffany.


4 Responses to “22 years too late”

  1. Speaking of Devo…I like their new album 😉

    I’ve recently had a few friends come out recently. I always find it frustrating that people are nervous in coming out to me. I understand it’s not easy…but it just frustrates me that people have to be nervous about it because a lot of people still do not accept it. Then I always giggle, because I’ve got a pretty good gaydar…and it’s like I KNEW IT! 😉 Then I tell them like 80% of my friends are gay so they fit in well 🙂 I wish people would be more accepting.

  2. I think the problem is less you and more that in order to “hide” who they are they need to keep it from everyone.

    The only hiding I do these days is simply not telling anyone about it as a standard practice when I first meet someone. I don’t care if they know, but I don’t have to tell them. After all, they are not telling me what part of the population they like to be intimate with, are they?

    Of course, there is more pressure on gay people as society generally assumes you’re straight until they find out otherwise.

  3. Nice new look!

  4. I like it, but I may have to change it. When I selected it I failed to figure out that the sidebar does not come up in the comments view. It only shows up if you’re on the front page. *shrugs*

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