Political Summation

This comment by someone named “Justin” on a Yahoo! news article about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill about sums up how I feel about Presidential politics in the US.

“…Every time a Republican President is in office we are #1) At war with a small oil bearing country who cant defend itself, in the name of “American freedom”, #2) The economy is dead broke, and #3) The oil prices spike… THEN, after the same rednecks who voted him in get sick of having high gas prices, they go back to the couch, pray to the lord, and allow the minority to elect a Democratic President to come in and repair the problem.  Meanwhile, while he is criticized for all kinds of intelligent stuff like his background, where he went to school, his skin color (new one), and his sexual actions, you know, IMPORTANT ECONOMIC STUFF.  Then after he tries his best to clean up the Republican war, lack of policy attention, and medical benefits deficit, they vote him out and become REAL AMERICANS, and get another WAR FOR AMERICAN FREEDOM.  AGAIN!  Lather…rinse…repeat…”

This person sounds rather intelligent to me even if the grammar could use a bit of improvement.


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