Like a Fork in an Electric Outlet

I was reading my hometown newspaper tonight when I wandered upon an article about some mental giant that thought it would be a great idea to drive a big rig with 44,000 pounds of steel on it over Sonora Pass, the second highest mountain pass in California, at 9,624 feet/2993 meters.

There is only one problem with this cunning plan to cut 120-miles off the drive from Utah to Fresno, CA and that is even though this is a marked state highway, it is very narrow and incredibly steep with a 26% grade in one spot.  That is a grade that is nearly as vertical as the steepest street in San Francisco, which is probably not a place one would want to drive a huge truck.

This had the expected result when the truck went over a cliff.

Unfortunately, Darwinism didn’t ensue.


One Response to “Like a Fork in an Electric Outlet”

  1. […] mountain pass we went up is the same one the big truck I wrote about a couple of months ago was trying to drive over when it went off a cliff.  We must have driven […]

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