When is a published schedule, not?

When you’re in my nursing school class.

I have an appointment to attend with my mother in San Francisco on July 20th, and according to the schedule I was given in early April, I was under the impression that I would have that day off.

Here is what it says on the schedule given to us in early April:

“The course continues with the same schedule (Monday & Wednesday classroom & skill lab; Thursday to Saturday clinical practice in acute care facilities) until Saturday July 24, 2010.

This would lead a person to believe that from the time the schedule went into effect (April 26th) until July 24th, that we would indeed have a consistent schedule and that I would have July 20th off, which is a Tuesday.

Guess what?  We got a schedule for the next portion of the class last night, and low and behold on Tuesday July 20th it states, “July 20, 2010, Tue 3-10PM Class: Normal Pregnancy & Skills Lab, Chap 64…”

This directly conflicts with the schedule I was given in mid-April outlining what would be going on.  I made plans with difficult to schedule activities (have to make the appointments well in advance with the Italian government) based on the information the school gave me.  In short, I cannot reschedule.

Here is the kicker, if I miss a test the most I can hope to receive on a make-up exam is 75%, which is the bare minimum required to pass an exam.  Put another way, I would have to score 100% to get a score of 75%.

This is the second time I’ve been told something about our schedule directly, then had things change, and then I’m told I have to jump through my ass to make it up.  The last was the trip to New Mexico in May, when I specifically asked the director of our program if it was ok to make plane reservations on the Saturday on the weekend immediately preceding our week off.  She said yes, I made reservations, and then she popped out a schedule where we were to be at our clinical site on *that* Saturday.

I had to make up the day.  Again, I don’t think I should have had to as I made clear my intentions and received the go ahead to make those plans.  I sucked it up that time, and made up a day.  This time I don’t think I should have to.

At least this time I’m armed with something published and handed out to the entire class showing this conflict, so when I go to visit the program director about it, I definitely have a foot to stand on.  I think it is reasonable to expect that I can use a scheduled day off, noted in advance, to go make appointments to do something.

At the least I think it should be reasonable to expect that if I have to take the make-up exam, that I am allowed to receive grading as if I had been there on the Tuesday in question.  In other words my position is the maximum score of 75% penalty should be waived for me in this instance.

This leaves me with a question for my readers… How would you handle this?

I know some of you are/have been instructors as well as students.  So I value your opinions since you’ve been on both sides of the equation.


3 Responses to “When is a published schedule, not?”

  1. This is a really tough question and one I cannot answer easily.

    The school probably isn’t used to people planning that far ahead and… they have to fit everything in that they need to fit in and it might not always be easy to do so.

    While it does conflict with previous information, I might note it is well over a month before the actual day…

    I don’t know what to think at this point, to be honest.

  2. I can see your point. On one hand it is a bit over a month in advance they are showing me this, but on the other hand this is the second time this has happened to me. This time I know it’s not because I failed to read something correctly as it’s right there in black and white staring at me. Of course, I’m the only one getting hit by this twice, that I know of. The rest of the class probably isn’t.

    According to the new schedule, I have 3 days off at the end of August and Big D and I would like to go do something. My worry is that if I schedule something requiring reservations that this will happen again. *shrugs* Yes, I’m being paranoid, but then maybe the third time is a charm?

    I think the solution I came up with is fair. If I have to miss the day, I shouldn’t be penalized if there is a test given. I should be able to have my test graded as if I was there to take it, especially since I can’t break my appointment, and I made the appointment with the information they provided. If I had been told on the previous schedule I was to be there that day, I would not have made the appointment.

  3. This has happened every semester of nursing school for me too. However, I never experienced this in my first degree or as an instructor. I think it’s just nursing school. It’s extremely frustrating. We’ve all had to re-schedule stuff and work around it…but the school has usually been more than helpful in assisting students around life situations. My only suggestion is to talk to the instructor now…let her know your situation and offer to take the test before you leave if there is an exam that day. I’ve found that if you come to the table with the situation, willingness to work with them, and a few suggestions…they are much more receptive to helping you out. As much as I hate the saying…you catch a lot more good karma if you use honey than vinegar. Don’t go into it being accusatory or upset. Just present yourself with a good attitude and explain your circumstance. The students in my program who make big stinks about things have all made asses of themselves and have burned many bridges. You have a right to schedule things in your life outside of school. You did that to the best of your knowledge at the time. I don’t see why they can’t work with you. good luck!!

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