Open Primaries

California has voted for a truly open primary system.  Proposition 14 passed, meaning that for all public offices that require election (except President of the United States), that the primary will be non-partisan.  The people can run as a Democrat or a Republican, but overall the law should allow the voice of more moderate candidates to be heard instead of getting drowned out by the extremes of the right or left.

I hope this works.  California once had an open primary system, but it simply allowed you to receive a ballot for a specific party regardless of your party affiliation.  IE if you were a Democrat you could vote in the Republican primary, etc.  The system that passed into law yesterday is different in that it is a two-round voting system, essentially eliminating partisan primaries as you will vote for the candidate you wish to hold the office, not the party.  The top two vote recipients will face each other in the general election, regardless of party affiliation.  Theoretically two Republicans or two Democrats could run for the same office.

I’m kind of excited about what 2011 will bring.


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