So long privacy

There is an old rail-spur in the back of the house behind the fence.  The city has decided they are going to turn it into a rails-trails path, and unfortunately this means they are clear-cutting anything in the path from fence to fence in the right of way.

Sadly, this vegetation provided privacy for the back yard and the windows facing out on that side of the house.  Now people will be able to see into the house.  Nope, the city couldn’t find a way to keep the mature trees and work them into the plan, they have to clear cut them all.

They didn’t bother to ask the adjacent homeowners about any of this and decided that they will instead put in some sort of plantings that are non-native to the area instead of trying to clean-up and work with what is there, and fill-in some of the blank spots.  Nope, just clear-cut it all and start over with stuff that will take 20-years to grow.

One can only hope they scrape the old rail bed rocks out of the way and the path is installed 2-feet lower, because I’m able to see right into the eyes of the workers as they walk on top of the rail bed.

Guess I’ll have to tack something horribly ugly up to the top of the fence in the back and hope the jasmine grows… Quick.



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