Meet Jesse James White

Photo Credit: The Modesto Bee

This young man is Jesse James White.  He is running for the California 25th Assembly District seat, which covers the area where my parents live.

The banner at the top of his website states, “Independent Conservative-I’m sticking to my guns for less taxes, less government, personal responsibility, and your Second Amendment right to keep your guns too.”

OK, This is my guy.  I like personal responsibility, government can get a bit weighty, I like target shooting, and I don’t like being taxed much more than anyone else.  Taxes do serve a purpose, but apparently fellow Riverbank city councilman Dave White (yes, related – he’s this guys grandfather) has convinced this young man that taxes are the work of the Devil.  I don’t know about that, but I do support everyone having the right to their own opinion.

Personal responsibility is where young Mr. White apparently has difficulties.  He says he’s for personal responsibility, but like many Conservative Republicans and Tea Party activists, he tends to call for personal responsibility, but not have much use for the concept himself.

You see, Mr. White was recently arrested for a probation violation.  How did he violate probation?  Apparently he had illegal drugs in his home.

His response to this is that everyone is out to get him, specifically the Stanislaus County, California sheriff, whose department just happens to be contracted to provide the city of Riverbank police services.

Why would your own hired gun purposely come after you?

I’m always amazed that it’s those who scream the loudest about personal responsibility, self-control, and being fair and balanced that have the most difficulty with those concepts.

I guess in the positive column is that he entered the assembly race even with this probation skeleton in his closet.  It takes a lot of political chutzpa to pull off claiming you are for personal responsibility as you’re running for office while simultaneously being on probation*

*When I first posted this I incorrectly stated Mr. White was on Parole, but he is on probation.  Thanks to a reader for pointing that out to me.  The error has been corrected.



4 Responses to “Meet Jesse James White”

  1. What’s his stance on cocaine and marijuana possession? I’m softening a bit on marijuana, but I’m still firmly against cocaine.

  2. J.J. looks like such a nice young man. The drug lords are ready to move into California from Mexico. I think this guy could lead the charge if he wasn’t a white supremist. I can see him on election night and leading the race until he rips off his shirt to reveal a large swastika, hahahahaaahahahaha!

  3. Gary P. McDowall Says:

    If wanting to be factual/ accurate, he is on probation, not parole. Parole is those convicted of felonies who are not not deemed suitable for probation and recommended to serve time in State Prison. Felons on Probation, can serve up to one year in the County Jail and if they do not abide by the terms and conditions of probation face a Probation Hearing. White faces a hearing and new charges. He should resign but his employee/lawyer states people , including the Sheriffs Department conspired against him. Of course he avoids saying anything about the drugs, complains about being singled out for a search, despite the fact every day those on probation, whether informal (Court) or Formal Probation are searched… He did not have to accept probation, he could have requested to be sentenced on the first conviction, he had to agree to those terms.

    If he really thinks it was a set up,well, some people with mental health issues can be delusional and/or paranoid that is a mental health issue..this looks like the typical political tactic used by those who do not take responsibility for their own actions and divert attention elsewhere.

    You can fool some of the people some time quote seems appropriate and some believe that if you say something enough and long enough, people will believe it. Another 30 second Ad, 2 minutes of fame. Like a computer garbage in garbage out.

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