I’m off

I’m leaving on the one and only trip I get to take this year.

Dr. Dishenchanted will be jealous, but I need her to remember she got to go out of the country this year. 🙂

Unfortunately Santa Fe is set to be in the mid-40’s to mid-50’s farenheit this trip, but at least I have a week of not cleaning up human “elimination”, making beds, checking vital signs, or cramming pills down people’s throats.

Planned so far, a rail trip, miscellaneous sightseeing, a visit to a chocolate shop featured on the Food Network (and coincidentally owned by my hosts), and perhaps a hike in the mountains.

Maybe I’ll check-in from the road, maybe I won’t.  Regardless, I’m gonna enjoy myself greatly.


5 Responses to “I’m off”

  1. I love New Mexico and I would join you in an instant if ticket prices weren’t so high from where I’m starting.

    Enjoy the road runner…

  2. Ah! The land of enchantment. Trivia: Santa Fe is the highest elevated capitol in the U.S. including Denver. When passing through Arizona, have your birth certificate ready or you may find yourself south of the Rio Grande. (you do look a bit like a Latino) Quiero esto su navidad?

    • Since I flew (you know what that is, right? LOL), I didn’t have to deal with Arizona. And much like Algeria, Arizona doesn’t care about such things unless you land there.

  3. I’d be jealous, but I just booked a ticket to go to Ireland for a few days. 😛

  4. Have a lovely time!

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