I think I’ve seen a “ghost”

You think I might post more often, but I must either be very busy or just not really feeling the writing spirit.

Yesterday, I went over to visit some relatives that live near the big city and had an enjoyable time catching up.  I had last seen them all assembled together at the wedding this past August, and before that it was immediately after I returned from visiting TQE in Germany – A very blurry family visit at best because I had been up since 5:00 AM the same day in Germany, and didn’t get home until about 11:30 PM that night – at which point it was then 8:30 AM the following morning in Germany.

Have I confused you yet?

Today I went up to visit my folks.  My older brother has not been well in a medical sense as his blood pressure has been hovering at about 180/140 for 2-months now, and they can’t seem to get it lower.

This means I not only went up to visit, but also to perform much needed yard work.  The yard was absolutely filthy!  I am pleased to report that now that I’ve mowed 3 acres (really, I mowed 3 acres), used the leaf blower, and hauled away the cut-up branches from the tree  the top fell out of in the snow storm back in December, the yard is much more presentable, not to mention fire-resistant.  Those of you following the news know that California likes to spontaneously combust in the summer, so you can imagine how important this is.

Unfortunately while I was down by the road, the brother I have all but declared dead to me drove by.  OK, that’s fine, he can do that.   Half an hour later he drove by again, very slowly, then drove by again in the other direction 2-minutes later, again very slowly.  He had absolutely no legitimate business I can think of in the area that he would have made a return trip in 2-minutes.

I felt like I was being stalked.

I really hope I don’t have to go back to court so that the judge can teach him what the dismissal without prejudice I granted my brother last year is all about, not to mention I do not need the added stress of that in addition to going to school.

I’d like to think that this will be a ghost sighting and not turn into something more significant.  I give him this one today, but if he repeats the behavior I almost feel inclined to take some sort of action, especially given the threats he made last year.


One Response to “I think I’ve seen a “ghost””

  1. Glad you’re able to help your brother out. He certainly needs to be taking it easy physically. While his systolic is high, his diastolic score is much scarier situation. Hope they can get his BP under better control.

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