My new wheels

CQ's new ride

1999 Honda Shadow ACE Deluxe in Visalia, California

The big secret is revealed. This is a photo of my new set of wheels!

I had to drive two-thirds of the way to Los Angeles and back to pick it up (200-miles each way, one direction on the bike), but it’s home now.  It’s a 1999 Honda Shadow ACE Deluxe.

I look forward to trips to the mountains on it.


9 Responses to “My new wheels”

  1. Sweet!

    Congratulations and I see it comes complete with an American flag.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Yes, it does come with a flag, which will be removed as soon as I have the time.

    I have something to fix on it already, but the prior owner couldn’t have known about it. The speedometer cable broke just before I got home (about 20 miles from the house out of the 200 driven) so I have to replace that. Fortunately that is a $15.00 part, so not a big deal.

    The bike ran flawlessly otherwise.

    I also need to take out an add-on by the previous owner. He was quite tall and put on a set of plates to move the gear shift, back brake pedal, and foot pegs forward about 6 inches. This is a simple fix, take those plates out and re-fasten the equipment in the original location.

    I’m looking forward to the fun this little toy will bring.

    My heartfelt thanks to Big D, who purchased it for me.

  3. Congrats on the new ride! Looks beautiful 🙂

  4. Great Bike, it will be a fun ride when big D is riding with you and holding on for dear life. If he doesn’t know how then do a wheely and he’ll grab for the gusto! My cousin took me for a ride on his Harley but I guess I embarrassed him by holding on to him instead of the sissy bar provided because he never took me for a ride again. It was a lot of fun though.

  5. disenchanted Says:

    I hope it came with a helmet?

  6. @Koko: Thanks.

    @Ted: Big D has his own bike. The idea behind getting this one is so we can go places together and with other people. I had access to other bikes, but they live 50-miles away. And your cousin probably though you were trying to hold onto something else. 😉

    @Disenchanted: The helmet was in the car when the photo was taken. Big D and I drove down in the car and he followed me home as I drove the bike. California has a pretty strong helmet law.

  7. We call helmets brain buckets in our house. 🙂

  8. Yes, and deserved name it is. I know motorcycles are dangerous, so this is not my primary mode of transport. People in cars just don’t see them.

    I do enjoy them and intend to ride it mostly on roads where I can get off to the side quickly if need be.

  9. Come to Indiana and throw your Helmet away. The Governor rides a motorcycle and therefore there is no helmet law what-so-ever. Heaven forbid you forget to buckle your seat belt though. Meth labs are growing on every corner but all the state boys care about is getting that seat-belt money. A guy in my county just hit a bicycle rider and took off without stopping to see if she was injured. The Cops were very concerned as they asked the eyewitness, “was he wearing a seat-belt?” Rant over, sorry.

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