A great way to fight the Westboro Baptist Church

I encourage any of you living in a town that gets a visit from the Westboro Baptist Church road show to do what this enterprising young man did.  When they came to town, instead of organizing a counter demonstration, he decided to use their presence to collect monetary donations to be sent to various gay charities in the name of the WBC.

The WBC will no doubt be receiving thank you cards from these organizations in recognition of their generous gift to the given gay cause.

Kudos to you, Jason Connell.


One Response to “A great way to fight the Westboro Baptist Church”

  1. So they hate Jews and Gays, hence the one sign that states: The Jews killed Jesus. What about Jewish Gay people? Double hate? Here they are called The Old Paths Baptist Church. They usually get the college kids to yell back at them. They seem to thrive on hate and would be very upset about having donations made to the Matthew Shepard foundation in their name. Let’s do it!

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