Dear Tea Party Activists

I want you to organize a political party.  Please, please, please, organize one.  I’m begging you!  I cannot say how much this would be a positive development for the United States.  This would ensure that the things that need to be done, get done.

Organize NOW!  Put candidates on the ballot NOW!  Please, the country is depending on you!

I say this and wholly support this idea because I think this will fracture the vote for the Republican party and ensure that more Democrats get elected, thereby turning the government into one that works for the people instead of the wingnut fringe.  That is not to say there are not liberal wingnuts, but for some reason the bulk of the Republican party seems to be made up of the conservative wingnut types these days.

I wonder if the Republicans remember Ross Perot and what happened in 1992?  I doubt it.   They probably can’t remember anything that happened prior to  September 11, 2001.


2 Responses to “Dear Tea Party Activists”

  1. You shouldn’t have put the more part — I’m starting to think the TEA party is wonderful because they are so crazy! They could fracture Republicans in new and interesting ways…

  2. A typical Tea party meeting: Since we can’t legally shoot democrats, what say we put in a bill to allow new bird species to be classified as game birds? We got the mourning dove now we’re going after robins and bluebirds. Oh, we also demand the repeal of the bill making it illegal to shoot game from a moving vehicle. I mean those damn deer think they can run across our highways and not be punished have another think coming! Let’s get out there and lock and reload guys. If we can’t kill’em we can at least scare them so they won’t vote. Say do you think Cheney will run for president? He loves to shoot and drink tea I think he would be the cat’s pajamas! (end scene)

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