Still Alive

The family emergency is working itself out.  The short version is that my grandfather had a stroke about a week and a half ago and he is starting to recover, at least as well as a 92 year old man can.  He gets upset at the staff in the rehabilitation facility for keeping an eye on him constantly, and we keep telling him that if he would simply call them with his call button, and wait for them to arrive, they wouldn’t feel a need to watch him constantly.

They have had to put an alarm on his bed and chair to notify them when he is trying to stand up and walk around, which he is not strong enough to do yet.

In other news, school continues.  I’m doing o.k. but the pharmacology course is kicking my butt.  I really wish that the people who put our tests together would stop putting drugs on it that do not appear in our text book, drug book, or any other source they have provided.  How in the heck are we supposed to study and know it if we do not have access to the information?  Perhaps they are testing to see if we can classify the drugs based on the roots or suffixes?

Then there’s the Mexican resident at my clinical site that seems to think it’s a great idea to insist that I communicate with him in Spanish, even though he can understand what I’m saying and can communicate with me in English.  He had me convinced he couldn’t speak English (It’s o.k. some people don’t) but then I found out later that when I was trying to communicate to him with the very little Spanish I know (AKA making an effort), he was mocking me to the other students that do speak Spanish and they told me so.

Needless to say, I’ve now decided to do the absolute minimum required with this patient.  I find his insistence that I communicate with him in Spanish when he understands English to be incredibly disrespectful.  Respect is a two-way street.   He moved to the United States, I didn’t move to Mexico, and the last time I checked the United States is a predominantly English-speaking country.  Grrr…

And yes, I know some of you will take exception to how I feel about this.  Still, if I had moved to Mexico they would expect this Gringo to communicate in Spanish.

Now, off to do my homework so that I can continue with the class.  Fortunately the pharmacology course is nearly finished, and we’ll be moving onto the next subject shortly.  I’m also excited that in about a month that we’ll be moving our clinical practice to an acute care facility, or put another way, a hospital.  We are one of the only schools in our area that gets to work in an actual hospital instead of only nursing homes.


One Response to “Still Alive”

  1. it’s good to hear that all is well. Mucho Bueno. As soon as the Euro becomes the world currency we will have to beg Adam to teach us how to use it. It will be uno deniro un mundo de todo. (The one currency in all the world) Mi gusto tortillas yo cuando por mediodia. Comprendo? See i faked spanish so I know you can too. Hang in there summer break is coming.

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