Life support training?

Big D was telling me the other day about his basic life support (BLS) certification renewal class.  His employer has decided to eliminate the instructors for the course and instead go with a rather expensive computer simulation for training.  This involves a CPR dummy and a computer that says such things as:

“Push harder, a little to the left, go softer…” etc.

I can only speculate that some entrepreneur will find a way to incorporate this machine into one of these (NSFW).


3 Responses to “Life support training?”

  1. How did they get a picture of Micheal my husband? We have been together for several years. He was a male order “bride” and it cost over $5thousand to get him here but he is worth it. He’s a bit cold and stand offish but I’m used to that. He never complains and is always ready for sex. He does have some difficulty showing emotions but what man doesn’t? Overall we’ve been very happy together.

  2. Our school has several of the sim dummies. They have pulses, pupils that are reactive to light, breath/heart/bowel sounds, you can start IVs, do ECGs, do CPR and shock them, they talk, you can take BPs and read their ECGs….they are pretty cool. We use them in sim lab where we are presented with a situation and we have to care for that patient. Our most recent one was done with med students who were giving orders and what not. They are pretty cool…but crazy expensive. They are like 60k a piece.

  3. We have dummies too. I call them nursing home residents.

    I wish we had some better lab tools, but I’m doing fine except for the tests we have that cover material we never went over.


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