Dear AT&T, no thanks!

I received a nice e-mail in my box this morning about the new AT&T iPhone turn-by-turn navigation application available in the iTunes app store.  To which I say to AT&T, “Congratulations on getting to the party, too bad you competition hosted one 2-years ago…”

But I digress.  I guess I should be excited about this new app, because AT&T tells me I should be.  Hmm… Let’s see what their customers have to say about it:

$10 a month???

AT&T’s plans are already outrageous… And now $10 a month for something that’s free on sprint’s network? I love apple, but At&t’s business practices are gonna make me drop my iPhone for a palm pre!

Or perhaps:

Already cancelled

I thought I’d give it a try – even though a stand alone GPS is about the same price as having this application for a year. What made me cancel was the fact that you have to enter an address – you cant select the “goto” address from your iphone address book. This seems silly to me.

Yet another satisfied customer:

Mediocre app

The maps are not downloaded to your phone, if you are in an area with no data tha app becomes useless. Might as well just use google maps. Poor app do not give ATT any more money.

These were the first three customer reviews that appeared on the page AT&T sent me to so I could download the app.  With reviews like this, I think I’d much rather go to the dentist and get a root canal.  Without novocaine.

I’ll stick with my Garmin Nuvi, thank you very much.


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