The Amazing Race flubs it

The Amazing Race started its new season tonight.  Did they have to screw up the show by putting America’s next trophy wife on it?  You remember her from the post I just linked to, former Miss Teen South Carolina.  If you want to see what she did, click on the link in that post.  The video is still active.

Do we really need to promote that kind of stupidity by giving her more air time?

I love The Amazing Race and for the sake of the integrity of the program, I hope she flames out quickly.

I’d also like the black ladies out as soon as possible.  I mean really, thinking that someone is going to give you great directions simply based on your common ethnicity is offensive to me.  Do these idiots think I’m going to purposely send them in the wrong direction because I’m white?

On the other hand, it’s good to see TV networks are willing to show that people other than Caucasians can be racist.


One Response to “The Amazing Race flubs it”

  1. Hmmm. Haven’t seen it. We’ve been watching the Big O. 😛

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