Important News?

Not my credit card, but it is the correct bank.

I was working through my bills this morning where I noticed sitting on page 2 all by itself a section titled “Important News.”

Here is the “Important News”:

“Get movies delivered 2 ways and earn up to 3,000 miles when you become a paying member of Netflix.  Instantly watch TV episodes & Movies Streamed from Netflix right t your TV via a Netflix ready device…”

It goes on like that for two more paragraphs.

Important news indeed!  An advertisement masquerading as a terms of service change?  *shrugs*

Stuff like this cheapens the English language and supports my cynical nature in anything a business communicates to me.  I wish they would only call it important if it truly is.  I’m so glad I no longer work in advertising.


One Response to “Important News?”

  1. I know like when I get an envelope that states: Important dated material enclosed. Then it is an ad for used cars, right? like another one that read: Important Information about your Vehicle. Then the company can’t even tell me what kind of vehicle I have. So how in the Hell can they tell me I need to extend my warranty? I got a letter from the AARP (yeah I’m that old) telling me they have the health insurance that anyone can afford. Then the letter says the cost is based on age and a salesman may call to discuss the details. I know a pressure sales call when I see one. I used to sell insurance myself. I hope that is not your card because I just bought a giant screen LCD digital HD TV with it J/K!

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