The subject is A…

…But the test is on B.

That’s what happened tonight.  We were told that we were having a final exam on Anatomy and Physiology, so I studied for that.  Instead we got a 100-question multiple-choice test that was all theory.  It was all “Patient ‘A’ came in exhibiting symptoms ‘X’ and ‘Y’, the nurse knows that this means…”  No diagrams, no “explain the flow of blood through the heart”, no questions that were actual Anatomy and Physiology questions.  I suppose that they all have something to do with anatomy and physiology since that is the study of the body and structures.

Naturally, since the test we were given was not on *any* subject matter I studied as I studied the relevant chapters and material (and indeed some of the questions again were on material we did not cover in this section), I failed the test.  Well, I got 70% but failure is anything below 75% for this course.

It would certainly be helpful if I was given a test on the actual subject matter and not a complete theory test.

I’m just a tiny bit pissed about this one.

In other news, I managed to pass the course with an 86%.  I have no idea how since nothing has been consistent anywhere with what we’ve been doing.

Tomorrow I get to go deal with my patient.  A 96 year old cancer patient with dementia that is convinced anyone that comes in their room is stealing from them.  I suppose the good news is that anything the patient throws at me probably won’t be traveling at a high velocity when it hits me.


2 Responses to “The subject is A…”

  1. disenchanted Says:

    That kinda’ sucks about the test, but kudos on passing the course.

  2. Congrats on passing! woohoo!
    Not saying that it’s not hard when the test is nothing you studied. But you’re in nursing school and that’s just how it goes. I’ve not heard from anyone that it’s straight knowledge based. It’s always application. Trust me, it surprised me too. Yeah you need to know where things are and how they work but at the end of the day what matters is how you apply your knowledge to situations. I know they don’t prepare you for that too well but that’s just how it goes. The school wouldn’t be doing you any favors if it were just knowledge based. The NCLEX is all applied. But, now you know for your next classes. It gets easier because you have a little bit of an idea what to expect even if the subject matter gets more challenging. At one point I recommended some books for your studies. I really suggest taking a look at them. I bet you’ll find your instructors have very similar questions. It gives the rationale too…which is helpful because you will think they are idiots and it’s nice to figure out why you’re wrong.

    I’ve said a 1000 times before…Nursing school is NOTHING like any other degree out there. It’s a test in patience and hoop jumping. Head up and good luck!

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