Polly Pass A Cracker?

Yup, another post about the class parrot.

I sit about mid-way back in the class of about 30 students.  Last night my carpool buddy that sits in the back row noticed the class parrot passing notes to her friends during a test.  A closed book test.  Tests I’m struggling with and barely passing.


I don’t like to make stereotypes, but it just pisses me off that we have this group of students seemingly cheating on the tests.  They are all of east Indian descent and are “sticking” together.  Speaking their native language in the class, etc.  I won’t go into what I think about the language issue since this is a place I take a significant departure from my other liberal friends, however, I do take exception to coming by my grades honestly and then hearing about or seeing people cheating on exams.

That is grounds for removal from the course for both the person giving and receiving the test information, according to the information we received at the beginning of the course.  Sadly, since this is a private school, I’m sure they will find a way to keep these people in class so they can keep getting the money.

My advice to my carpool buddy that saw this was to note it, and keep an eye out for it again.  If he sees it again I told him he should go to the program director with it, along with the other people that witnessed the behavior.  He told me he is not the only one that saw this happen.

Anyone have thoughts about this?  I know Koko probably does. 😉


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