School Starts

Today I start school.  It’s been 15 years since I was last in an educational program, so I am finding this quite challenging.  We got our first assignment some time ago, and I’ve been working through the first 8 chapters of the book, and it is taking me 2-hours for each chapter to get everything done.  I managed to complete the first day assignment.

Problem, I have 10 more chapters to complete before Friday.  I am in class 8-hours per day, which leaves me a small amount of time in the morning to prepare.  In other words, this week I will have at least 14-hour days devoted to school just to keep up.  *ack*

Of course, I’ve not yet been to class, so perhaps I’ll find another, simpler way to get through the material after we meet for the first time.  I hope so.  I’m finding it nearly impossible to get through the material in the time allotted.

In other news, I did get the microwave installed.  My mother now has one-third more counter space than she had before.  Sorry, I didn’t take a photo, and now that I do not live near the house, I probably won’t get one any time soon.  Still, I think she is happy with it and it works. 🙂


6 Responses to “School Starts”

  1. I wish you good luck, good classmates, and good times while you’re back in school!

  2. What are you studying? (Happy New Year!)

  3. @TQE: Thanks.

    @Cameron: It’s a nursing program that allows me to sit for the NCLEX-PN test in Sacramento and ultimately lead to a state license. At some point not long after that, I plan to enter what is called a “bridge program” to convert that to RN.

    Since 1996 I’ve held positions that either screwed with peoples heads (Army PSYOP specialist) or helped screwed people over (marketing). I took this departure because now I’d like to be doing something that is actually helpful and useful to humanity.

  4. Don’t sweat it too much. It’s your first week and you’re jumping back into something that way different from any other degree you could possibly have. Through the coming weeks you’ll learn what you need to do to get the grade you want (i.e. you’ll learn what the instructors want). When I first started nursing I nearly crapped myself when I saw all the reading. I thought I couldn’t read that much and do school…just not enough time in the day. For me, I’ve found that reading is an enormous waste of time. Our program literally spoon feeds you. They really spell everything out for you in class. I study my notes and I call it a day. My friend in the program finds going to class an enormous waste of time…so she reads the textbook assignments and never goes to class unless there is a quiz or test. Both of us do well in the class with vastly different approaches. The important thing to remember…the people in the nursing world are all nutty in some way or the other. Don’t freak out if someone reads the textbook 3x a day. You’ve got to do what works for you. There are so many people who are like “I studied for 48 hours”…and I am like “uh-oh…I studied for like maybe two…” Some people need to study more than others. It’s just important to ignore most of the chattering. You’ve just got to wet your whistle in the school world and you’ll be cruising through in no time. You’ll figure out what is most important for your learning style and you’ll do great. You’re a smart cookie! 🙂

  5. @Koko: The issue I’m having presently is trying to figure out what the instructors want. The issue for me is they want to quiz us the moment we walk in the door everyday, and they expect us to turn in a study guide to ensure we’ve read the material at the start of ever class. So we are 1. getting tested every day, and 2. expected to prove that we read.

    Tomorrow I face finally not having enough time in the day to get the stuff done. I have 55 pages of reading to do, 4 pages of acronyms and terminology to learn, and the study guide to fill out. This followed by 8-hours of class. *ack* I already feel like I’m falling behind.

    The only reason I’m around writing this is that if I don’t take at least a half-hour for myself I’m going to climb the bell tower and start shooting. *ugh* I’ll figure it out eventually.

    I think tomorrow (I have 6-hours to prepare) is that I’m going to just fill out the study guide w/o reading, do my best to memorize the zillion terms, and see what happens. I’m sure by the end of this week I’ll have what they are looking for figured out. *fingers crossed*

    Big D is doing a good job letting me get stuff off my chest. 🙂

  6. It’s always tough getting all the stuff done when it needs to be done. For some reason nursing in general requires a lot of BS work. For me it has been hit or miss if it has actually been helpful. It took me about a month to get my studying/time management down. Each semester I re-establish it and modify it for each instructor…luckily that’s a lot easier than first semester when you have NO idea what to expect.

    I’ve found the NCLEX review books to be very helpful. I have a Saunder’s book and a Lippincott book. Looks like they don’t have a Lippincott PN book. But below is the Saunders PN. The school requires us to buy the Kaplan book because we do our semesterly practice subject tests (nclex style) through Kaplan. I’ve not touched the Kaplan book. Saunder’s outlines the materials really well and gives you practice questions at the end. The Lippincott is all just questions.

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